Cabinet - 91x68x37 (H-W-D) need help with setup.

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  1. Hi,

    i am building a cabinet grow so i can try to grow some. :)

    The size is 91 cm x 68 cm x 37 cm (36" Hight X 26" Wide X 15" deep).

    My questions are: how much lights do i need?
    Can i get away with 3x 24W CFL?
    Venting, how much do i need? I have 4 120mm pc fans.

    How many plants should i try?
    Autoflowers or normal female? :)
  2. no one can help?
  3. What's up.
    Sounds like a BIG 2 plants maybe 3 auto-flowers would fit nicely.
    I like negative pressure cabs, so I would only use 2 exhaust fans and cut holes in the bottom of the cabinet.
    Good luck man!
  4. and about the light? maybe i should go up to 100 watts? like 20w x 5?
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    I'm not an expert grower, but in my opinion, I think your best bet is to try to get a hold of some T5 floro fixtures? I believe they're more intense, and much more efficient. I hope that helps you?

    Also, I don't think 2 plants, or even 2 auto-flowers would be very comfortable? I'd say 1 decent sized LST plant would make the most sense, just my opinion.
  6. Heya bub!

    I just got my own cab goin with about the same measurements as what you have. End result is a two tier box with flower on bottom and veg/vent chamber on top. I would highly recommend that you DO NOT SKIMP on the ventilation. The unit I got does 177 CFM, waaay more than I need but more is better than less. Set me back @ $120 but in the payoff will come after harvest. It will be a good investment.

    Check it.....


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