Cabin In The Woods

Discussion in 'Movies' started by BudBrownies, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Anyone seen that movie? What a trip. It was really funny....oh yeah and the guy that smoked pot was cool.
  2. haha i just watched this the other night. fuckin loved it.

    hilarious movie, tons of blood, and it mocks all of them stereotypical horror movies.

    loved when they released all of the movie monsters onto the facility.
  3. This movie was amazing. My mom didnt like it at all, so i told her to get high and watch it.... She slaped me(shes totally against pot)
  4. Great movie. Wasn't what i predicted, thats always good for a movie.
  5. it was pretty weird. and confusing. then again i walked in 20 minutes in. i still dont get why "they" whoever they are were doing that to the kids on purpose. can anyone say lawsuit?
  6. I really don't like horror movies at all but my son and his friend talked me into watching it with them.

    I liked it. I also liked the stoner guy!
  7. The whole movie was like a Greek tribute to gods in the underworld. Giant gods that once ruled man kind? Ever saw clash of the titans? It's like a horror spin on a tale of gods.
  8. You must not have paid attention to the ending, because it explains exactly why they were doing it. :p

    The kids were sacrificed to appease the Gods. I don't think anyone was worried about lawsuits lol
  9. I absolutely loved it!!! Me and the lady went and saw it randomly at the theaters thinking it was just another one of the stereotypical bad horror movies...but damn it was funny! And the stoner guy made it pretty funny as i was hitting my MFLB in the theater

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