Cab Size And Plant Size.

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  1. I plan to build a cab very soon, limited to H = 115cm(45in), W = 153cm(60in), D = 46cm(18in).
    I may be able to stretch it a few inches here and there, but really not by much.
    If I go down in height, I go up in depth.(So you know)
    Just to give you an idea of what my potential size will be to you seasoned growers - I have no idea what it will turn out like as it is my second grow.
    Strains:pyramid Auto Anesthesia, and Sweet Auto Cream Caramel
    Light: 4ft 200W HO t5
    Nutes:canna a+b and rhizotonic
    Substrate: coco/perlite
    Method: 5 gal hempies.
    My concerns are that my plants are going to get too big for the space, I will run into light reflection, and heat stress issues. Will I have to either go down a size in buckets, or up a size in cab? Or am I screwed completely?

    Help would be much appreciated, thanks :)
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    Keep the lights as close as you can without burning the leaves since there's only 45" of height.
    For (60" x 18") 7.5 sq. ft. of space 2-4 plants would probably be right; It just depends how long you veg them for. As they grow pull the branches down (LST) using soft wire ties or something to keep the canopy flat and get them to bush out instead of up. Use a screen above the plants (ScROG) if you want, or just tie down each branch individually.
    5gal buckets should be plenty for that size space.
    Heat issues might be the largest challenege, make sure the ventilation fan is pulling enough CFM to keep the cab cool by running the whole cab setup with lights & fans on but no plants for several hours to get some baseline temperatures.

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