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  1. So the light penetration for Cfls is about 3-4 inches away from the bulb. but what im wondering, lets say i have like 250 watts of cfl in a cabinet with flat white walls (dimension of veg room 12"X19.5"X4' ) is the light reflecting off the walls not doing anything for the plants at maybe a foot away? if i put the girls that far will it ONLY cause stretching? or will the bouncing light penetrate since so much is focused up top and beaming down? basically does the smaller more controlled room have an effect?
    EX: i know if i put a plant in the middle of an open room with a cfl too far up it will stretch towards the light.
    but lets say that same plant is in a box painted white with that same cfl will it reduce the stretch since the light is more focused?
    i may be explaining this stupid, so please say so if i am.

  2. get mylar cover the walls. get as much reflection as possible.
    get a couple smaller cfls and put them around the sides of the plant.
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    i would guess that a cfl could shine about a foot, maybe two from the bulb. topping and/or lst will be your friend. i have to switch from a 150 watt hid to a 125 watt cfl soon
  4. yeah this i plan on doing.
    yeah a foot i can see, but 2? you think?
  5. anyone else care to chime in?
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    with 250 watts of fluor and one plant i would veg for 2-4 weeks. cfls can as close as 6" from the canopy.
  7. thanks, already knew that... im asking if with a smaller more concentrated space if the cfl distance from plants can be increased...
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    yes, light reflects best off flat white. 1 lumen is equal to the brightness of 1 candle, and fluors produce a high quality lumen, just not as many per watt compared to an hid.
  9. awesome. ill just make sure to add plenty of side lighting .thanks
  10. i miss rep.
  11. eager to see the grow. im thinking about switching over to fluor due to heat issues.

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