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CA, MMJ information.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Slayem, May 3, 2011.

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    SO i am looking for some details about the MMJ laws in california, i am wondering where i can fnd out what legaly defines a baby plant(is it just one that hasnt begun flowering?) as we are alloted a certain number of mature, and a certain number of non mature plants, i just want to be sure we stay legal.

    Also, does anyone know how one would set up a "co-op" grow, with other card holders so everyone could all grow of the plants in one spot?

    I am having a difficult time finding all of this info fast online, so i figured i should ask here, considering how well versed some people are here!

    thanks guys
  2. That's actually a really good question. Bump for an answer.
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    nice info storm crow i wasnt even aware of this +rep
  4. in most places its 6 mature and either 6 or 12 immature, and in a few its by sq ft.
    veg=immature flower=mature. you may hold 8 0z of usable, unless otherwise stated by a doctor in most places. others you may hold 3 lbs usable.

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