CA Lottery

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  1. Anyone else got their ticket(s)?

    363,000,000 Jackpot.
  2. dude didn't you hear?

    i won!:) haha jk would be bad ass to win though!
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    Nobody won yesterday so the jackpot is up to 500,000,000
  4. Fuck I hope I win that would be dope as fuck I would set aside 2 mil and just go ape shit for 1 whole month buying anything I touch
  5. Okay, fine. I'll buy a couple tickets.
  6. with 500 mil i could buy a small country, and make myself king
  7. That's such an unbelievable amount of money.

    I can't even imagine how much one would lose to taxes.

  8. About 50-60 percent, depending on how good your accountant is...

  9. That's fucked.

  10. eh, i mean, you didnt really make the money, you just got lucky and won it.

    200-250 million is still a shit ton after taxes.

    but its just my opinion that half of your winnings should go to charity if you win the lottery. i know that'd be the first thing i did after collecting...
  11. Straight up if I won, id buy a small country where cannabis is legal. Id invite all GC members to come chill and live in my country

  12. would you call it GrassCountry?

    and the capitol could be New GrassCity?
  13. ^^mind blowwwnnnn... lol
  14. I'd spend it all on Sunny D, but I wouldn't drink any of it, I'd just give it all away.

    Just so I could make the news twice.
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    How you feel? How you feel? How you feel? 25 sittin on $500 mill
  16. wow dood dat wuld by me lots of w33d 0.0
  17. $359 million if you get it in one payment, $19.2 million/year if you get multiple payments. I would definitely take the 19.2 and travel the world for the rest of my life, try and visit every country if possible.

    But if any other blade wins, how about sending us all $420 for that special day in April :devious::devious::devious:
  18. Read an article that said the winner would be richer than Mitt Romney

    Sounds good to me

    I bought four tickets for the drawing last night and obviously didn't win

    I'll probably get about ten for Friday's drawing
  19. I would blow half the winnings on a smear campaign for Mitt and Rick Santorum, and give all my praises to Ron Paul. God bless America, where the rich determine our futures :rolleyes:

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