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CA laws protecting MMJ users against landlords/neighbors?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by danielsaun, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Hi,
    First time renting in over 10 years in CA. I am going to be living in an upper class neighborhood and plan to discretely smoke, possible vape in garage. 
    As we are signing lease with landlord he says of course no smoking, blah, blah. 
    I am thinking, hmm, I am a true medical marijuana user. I have ADD, lower back problems and pain, and I can't sleep without some form of sedatives. 
    Does anyone know how the law works in CA in this regard?
    My educated guess is that I am protected by ADA since I am a documented disabled person?
    Constructive feedback appreciated. :)

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    I'm sorry to be the one that has to tell you, but, No you are not covered for job protection with a MMJ card in Calif.
    As far as the ADA the Feds are Not going to help as Cannabis is still illegal on the Fed level.
  3. I think for housing you should be fine.  No one is going to care what you do inside your own home.  If you're growing that's another thing but even that is usually protected by the county, so there's nothing they can do.
  4. Thanks, the issue is I can't smoke inside my wife hates the smell, but tolerates I do it for medical reasons. When we owned a house w/basement no issue, now upscale 2bdr with atttached 1 car garage. I am going to be smoking in the garage in an attached unit and don't want the smell to tip off neighbors in parking lot.
    What do you guys think is a good masking product for smell. I use Febreze right now smoking in my family's garage, hmmm maybe old school incense? I also thought about making a giant sploof out of PVC pipe? and/or vaping so all the smell is burned popcorn. 
    I prefer smoking to vaping as it gives me the cloudy knock out effect I need for my insomnia and lower back pain. 
  5. if youre going to be vaping, a fan circulating air should remove most of the smell i feel. light an incense or a candle, i dont think you would have a lot to worrry about. now smoking/combusting, well thats a slightly more difficult one.
  6. You'll be fine in your garage.  California neighbors aren't that nosy. lol
    If you're worried then just burn some candles or incense in the garage at the same time.  Or if you've got money to burn you can get a nice air filter.
    Since you'll have medical access you might also consider oil.  A dab smells less than burning plant material, and an indica dab will definitely put you to sleep. (a vape pen would make it easy/discrete to medicate whenever necessary)
  7. Honestly I work in the business and it isn't hard to aquire one. May I ask, are you in southern or northern california?
  8. Thanks for the replies I am in OC, CA if it matters. I know I can get a card all I have to do most likely is show them my expired card from CO 
  9. Check if your neighbors blaze and save the hassle

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    [quote name="danielsaun" post="19373172" timestamp="1390202575"]Thanks for the replies I am in OC, CA if it matters. I know I can get a card all I have to do most likely is show them my expired card from CO [/quote]OSent from my iPad Air
  11. You'll be fine I live an upscale part of the OC too like 2200 a month for an apartment upscale and I smoked in the garage of my old apartment and on my balcony and never had any problems at all. You'll be safe most people around OC don't really complain about weed especially with Santa Ana next door haha.Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
    Good cuz I just got a sweet deal on a thick glass beaker bong for $60 only and will breaking that garage in for sure. If that fails maybe I will be the extreme q vaporizer. 
  13. If the contract says you can't smoke cigarettes then you can't smoke mmj but if theirs nothing saying anything about smoking cigarettes then you can.
  14. Dude you live in fucking Cali and you are going to be vaping what are you so scared of 
  15. This is the best post here imo.

    Your job isnt protected, your home isnt protected and land lords wont be cool with it as their assets can be seized in a raid.

    Assuming your neighbors wont care is dumb. Lots of bored older people call the cops for any little thing. Many counties in california have banned growing all together. A lot of the progress made by voters is being reversed by politicians (jerry brown?)

    Im not telling you to be paranoid, but while some places are overflowing with weed, other places are cracking down via legal robberies, where the cops show up, rob you and dont even arrest you.

    Colorado is free, washington is free, california is in remission, imho.

    Theres alot of ignorant people who think california is the place to be and for weed i can think of a few other places that are much better.
    ~ poke
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    If you are concerned about it, get a small fan and some ONA gel. That stuff takes the smell out of anything, relatively cheap, lasts a while, and simply smells like clean laundry. You can also make a cheap DYI carbon filter using aquarium carbon, as simple as a fan blowing across a cookie sheet with carbon on it if your only using it to remove the smell from the smoke would do the trick I would think, works in my fridge when something goes bad....
  17. Totally agree.

    Get some water absorbing crystals and ona concentrate, careful though, a small handful of crystals will gel up to size of a 1 gallon milk jug!

    Ive had 6 plants (monsters, huge) in full flower and an electrician friend stood in my grow from a week from harvest and goes, why canti smell anything? Lol

    Sold me on it.
    ~ poke
  18. I'd tell your wife to stop trippin' and let you blaze wherever the hell you want to in the house. I would think the bathroom would be a good compromise instead of chancing your neighbors smelling you from the garage. 'you can hold my dick bitch, I pay the rent and I need to medicate.'

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