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  1. Is C99 a small plant by nature or do I have a seed problem? Started 5 and all of them are supper small. Look healthy but are just really small. I saved a male to breed with but don't want to if I got some bad seeds. Any help would be great :)
  2. I've grown some pretty large c99. I definetly wouldn't consider it a compact plant normaly though I believe there is a short phenotype.

    Could be your set up or possibly just impatience. What's your set up and how old are your plants? Any Pics? Hard to judge size with out pics and age
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  3. seems most pheno's are either pineapple or grape fruit flower ,with the shorter pheno's being thee more potent ,,,mac,,
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  4. I never take pics...just a phobia I have. 4ftx4ft tent, 400w hps bulb. Not new to growing, just to C99 :) Veged for 4 weeks under a 400w mh using 3 gallon cloth pots. On week 4 of 12/12 light and they aren't 8 inches tall. I have had Easyriders grow bigger then these. Everything else in the tent is up to standards so I am going to say it is the genetics. I just never grow a C99 out before and don't know how she grows
  5. just google C99 ..you should get some interesting reading about C99....mac,,
  6. No reason to have a pic phobia, that's silly. Absolutely zero risk bro

    Cindy has always been 1 of my favorite strains to grow. Super easy to grow, potent, smells awesome, high yeilds
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    11 months in prison and you develop phobias. I like the C99 crosses I have tried but most of them were tall and stretchy. I grew this hoping to cross it with a 7 week purple Pakistan Chitral Kush. It has strong Indica stone to it but needs a little in the head. I was just concerned of the size of the plants. I would understand if it was just one that was on the small side but not all 5. I think I will reorder from a different breeder and try it again later.
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  8. The C-99 depends on the breeder. I have 2 about to finish from Growers Choice and one is larger than the other. Different breeders have them - only in name - none of them are the original, I don't believe. But I could be wrong. :)
  9. Next time go directly to Rick on FB like I do

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