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c99/dc and querkle plant pics 2 weeks to go

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dagobaker, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. some late iphone pics of c99/dc from cannacopia and querkle from subcool
    10/14 days to go
    packing on the crystals

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  2. shiiiiiiit
  3. Looks amazing!!
  4. that looks so fuckin beautiful man, enjoy
  5. the c99 got way fatter than i expected
    these are just 2 footers......cant wait for some trees
  6. Damnnnnn the third pic looks beautiful :smoke:
  7. lmao that does look beautiful danng man keep it up.
  8. im hoping for some more purps come chop time
  9. these are some semi ok hps pics

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  10. Daaaaaamn is right, I bet your excited, I´d be with only 2 weeks to go. C99 is looking amazingly potent, I want to try some of that poisonous venom.
  11. this is old......and except 1 huge as bud gone

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