c24 growers! Let me see what ya got going.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by sevnofspades, May 10, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    Well after some planning and debate, I have decided to go with a C24 cab (Mills Pride from home depot) for my 3rd grow. I plan on making it a perpetual system. The main flowering cab will have a 400w HPS, while the clone and mother chambers will have CFL's. Interested in anyone else using this setup (design, and results)

    Drop me some info. Lets keep this thread going for C24 growers!

  2. thats the same setup i use,,,, 400hps, and flouros, right now im in full flower so my flo.s are just supplying supplement light, but soon theyll be used for starting my new seeds,,,look at my grow youll see my supplement lights...
  3. I have almost the same setup (minus the floro portion). Running 400HPS and just manually switch when flower time.

    Question: What cfm fan do you have for exhausting? I currently am running a 465CFM squirrel cage fan pushing hot air into another room (exhausting cool tube) and I still run close to 82F.... :(
  4. Bump!
    I am working on my c24. have a 250w hid light. not sure what type of blower i should get. Want to get a good one too keep everything cool, what size do you suggest. Dont want it to be too loud, needs to be discrete, but sound isnt my primary concern, rather have it as cool as possible.

    Also where did you guys mount the intake and exhaust? How do you prevent light leaks? What type of intake do you have do keep up with exhaust?

    Need some help! Thanks!
  5. A 250w shouldn't chuck out a whole lot of heat as it is so you will probably only need a small fan.

    My 400w is awsomely cool and i can put my hand up within inches of the light and feel the cool breeze from the exaust fan.

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