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C2 - Custom Creations? *UPDATED Milk Vids*

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by HCL, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. So yesterday, I went to my local headshop and was looking for a new bong, and was directed to a new shipment of a brand called "Custom Creations (C2)," which had a good selection of styles. I picked up a stemless straight tube for $145 (and an optional stem for $18), so a little over $160 total.

    I'm definitely not complaining because I love my purchase, but has anybody ever heard of the brand? So far nobody I've talked to has heard of them, but then again they could do a local company here in Oregon. Either way, it's a smooth hit both with and without a stem, and the 7mm glass makes it feel like a tank!

    Sorry for the quality of the pictures shooting with a cell phone. If anybody wants close ups or anything, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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  2. Bump?
  3. My Friend has a stemless that is the same brand. His has this crazy coil perc, but its hella draggy. That one looks like it should rip nicely
  4. Wow man, nice pick up, looks pretty damn thick.
    And what a good price!!

    I hope to see a milk shot.
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    Dude, is it the one where the water follows up the coil and when it reaches the top of it, you finally start getting the smoke to drag? If so, the workers of the headshop I went to were testing it out with just water and were talking about how it was impossible to rip lol.

    I'll take a milk vid in the next few minutes.
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    W/ Stem

    W/o Stem

    (Second video I was trying to hold back a cough while ripping it, which is what those weird sounds are :p)

    EDIT: Anyone know how to get the video to show?
  7. Just saw the vids, looks like she rips and clears well.
  8. She rips awesome. The only thing was messing with water levels both with and without stem for the best hit, and when I did these vids I didn't have the right levels yet. But alas, I love it and it's some awesome glass for the price.
  9. The levels did look off, but it takes a min getting used to new pieces.
  10. It sounded like in the second video you were trying to stifle a laugh, which made me laugh really hard :p Nice pieces by the way. Really thick glass, it would have been nice if it had a disc or inline though
  11. i just snagged one of their fixed inline, super wide bore, any info would be greatly appreciated.
  12. yo my buddy recently picked up one of those stemless. it was 7mil and he got it for 100 it ripped nice
  13. there are tonnnnnss here in MN . never tried rippin one looks like its pretty good but what turn me away was no percs no diffusion. most are just stemless or fixed stem whatever with no perc
  14. ive got the same exact bong but got mine for 280 which blows now but i do agree rips hard along with u i have never heard of the brand before
  15. The c2 shit is nice af i jus picked up a nice circ bub fr a smooth 125...no lie its jus as thick as my ben wilson six arm bub if not thicker n the shit stacks way better n its literaly a 1 sec clear lol shit blew my expectations away
  16. Damn that's a sweet pickup man
  17. Thnks man knew the shop js got em dint know the prices n I saw all the hate on all the forumns n thought they would b janky but shits nice no lie
  18. all I know is that they are blown in cali, I have a strait tube with ice catcher
  19. Ok so what I learned about C2.

    Most people think they are kinda cheap glass, better than china, but not top notch.

    They do make a lot of draggy pieces, and people hate the brand for that, but really, just dont buy that piece then.

    I also have the showerhead bub^^ I got mine for 150 and the mouthpiece is a little shorter. But it is amazing, for the price paid, I'd def put it up against other higher up brands $250+ bubblers. It's think, and def stacks the whole can.

    So in my opinion, they are a great brand and a great deal, just don't buy the ones that seem draggy.

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