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  1. have a 8x10x8 growroom. Does anyone knows how high to set my flow rate and how long to reach 1200ppms in my room.
  2. To calculate the amount of CO2 you need, you’ll need to calculate the size of the grow room. For example, if you have a 8x10x8 foot grow room, you would need to cover 640 cubic feet (8x10x8=650). To compute the amount of CO2 required to raise the level to 1,200ppm use this equation:

    Width x length x height x desired CO2 level in parts per million.

    So in our example, we have 8x10x8x0.0012 = 0.768 cubic feet of CO2 needed to raise the level inside the grow room to 1,200ppm CO2.

    We can roughly calculate how long the regulator will be turned on with this formula:

    CO2 needed in cu.ft. / flow rate per minute

    Since we need 0.768 cu.ft and the regulator is set at 0.08 cu.ft. per minute, the CO2 Controller will activate the solenoid on the regulator for approximately 9.6 minutes to raise the CO2 level to 1,200ppm (0.768/0.08).
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  3. Just buy a sensor and sleep easy

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