c02 bags

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  1. What kind of spores do those bags use?
  2. Which bags?

    Is it a device for producing C02?

  3. it's a spawn bag, that has some kind of mycellium growing in it, but they release co2
  4. I have used that brand specifically and would highly recommend skipping that purchase. They simply don't work that well. Not 100% sure on the ingredients. They simply do not produce enough CO2 to have any serious impact on your plant unless you are going to be growing in a very small space. (like a one plant grow box)

    Yes this product does produce CO2 but here is a list of issues I had with them.

    1. you have to place the bag above the plants. I normally place my lights above the plants and had to build a shelf to set this product on.

    2. they don't produce enough CO2, in a 5'x6'x6' space it raised my CO2 levels from about 300-400 to 600 tops, I brew beer and have had a single 5 gal batch raise the levels to 900+ (you need about 1200PPM to have any impact)

    3. You have to buy an expensive meter to test the PPM only to find out that you would need like 5 bags at 20-34 dollars a pop to get you to the levels you need. (was the case in my small grow)

    4. they say they las 6 months. simply not true. The bag is active when you get it you dont activate it in any way. could have been sitting on a shelf somewhere for months when you get it.

    5. the amounts of CO2 it produces fluctuates drastically. towards the end of the two months I had mine it was adding like 50 to 100 PPM total. You have no control on how much this thing produces or how long it will last.

    If you do some serous research you will find that in order to produce enough CO2 to have positive impact there is no cheep solution. either live next to a brewery or buy a tank/burner setup.

    That is just my honest opinion on a low quality product, I wish I could have got my money back the day after I bought it.
  5. Save your money and get a reg a d controller and rent a tank from your local hydro store. That's going to be the best beneficial way to see results.
  6. or just get into home brewing -

    Your brew needs heat - your plants need c02 - its a match made in heaven.
  7. Brewing, on a hobbiest schedule, does not produce enough. Not even during blow off.

    BTW brews do not need heat.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to lay that out, saved me a lot of time and money
  9. Glad I could save someone else from being a sucker too.

    My opinion on CO2 enrichment, it is only really necessary if you are growing large scale commercial grows. Small time personal growers can get high quality products with reasonable yields (2-3OZ per plant) with adequate lighting, ventilation and temperature control. Yes there is a lot more that goes into it (soil/nutrients/ph/etc.) But with those three things well in your control you can go pretty far.

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