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  1. where can i learn this and all about programming
  2. If you want to use an IDE, which I would assume you do, first thing you can do is go to: http://www.microsoft.com/express/windows/ and download one of the Visual Studio Express editions (visual studio c++ would be your go to here :)). Then you could head to: Cprogramming.com - Programming Tutorials: C++ Made Easy and C Made Easy and start with those tutorials. Also, forums are a great place for info and help, ones dedicated to programming I mean like www.dreamincode.net. There are plenty of books you can buy too but you can generally find most of the information on the internet for free. I was assuming you meant a way to do it without going to school, if not, then going to school for Comp Sci is always a good way!
  3. Buy a book, it's the best thing you can do with C++.

  4. He's right. Learn the syntax, operators, what a class is, all the basics, as well as how Windows processes events, THEN get yourself a compiler (the free MS VC++ is not a bad place to start, but it IS a bit confusing at first).

    Good luck.
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    Here's a perfect starter guide for you that won't cost you a penny, and will make everything easier.

    First - Go to this site and click on "Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition." Download and Install it.
    Microsoft Express Downloads - Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express

    Second - Check out this site. It has a full beginners guide to learning C++. I've personally gone through almost all of it while I learned the basics of c++ in school. It is amazingly helpful. Take time out every day to do a lesson or 2. Don't get lazy and slack off or you'll never learn anything.
    Learn C++ -

    Third - This site will be very useful as well. You can hop on the forum here and ask c++ related questions and get solid answers. You can also find lots of source code on the site, which you can look through to learn more.
    cplusplus.com - The C++ Resources Network

    One last thing. Picking up c++ can be pretty hard without any formal training, the most important thing you can do is open up your IDE( The first thing I told you to download) and just code. Write dumb little programs using what you know, and if your not sure how to do something, look it up. I've punched "How do I.... in c++" into google more times than I can count. Once you do something a couple times however, you'll forever know how to do it.

    I've written tons of little programs just for the sake of practicing. Text based games, a magic eight ball application, and this morning I started working on a cool application that functions as a dual browser. It has 2 screens so I can view 2 web pages simultaneously, I hate having to flip through tabs with Mozilla. Every time you write a program, you'll get a little better. Do it enough and you'll be great.

    Good luck! C++ can be a valuable skill for a future career. It'll take a while before things start making sense, but eventually it will all start clicking. :wave:
  6. If you are new to programming, I'd suggest something easier than going full on object oriented with what is from time to time rather cryptic syntax and concept wize, which c++ is.

    You will probably hit a few walls if a newb to programming, and such walls can be massive in c++, and more managable in other languages. Not to mention that getting good results using c++ do require a bit of experience. You can get there much, much faster using a more comprehensive IDE (Integrated Development Interface) that get results fast. Like say flashy graphics, quick simple games and such. In short, get you hooked into programming and just how awesome it is :)

    So I'd suggest learning the basics of programming, the logic, how to think and solve problems, using just about anything but c++. A good place to start would be some of the more powerfull structured BASIC IDEs. Like Blitzbasic.

    After you manage that, the learning curve to c++ won't seem like the friggin bad side of Mount Everest :)

  7. college.

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