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Discussion in 'General' started by -neaky, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. got a few more weeks till i move but i think tonight will be the night i say good bye. got a bunch of other stuff to deal with before then. ( Im dunk no making fun of my spelling )

    sunday night: My moms boy friends dog died, i lieved with the dog for awhile and it was a pretty nice dog, it hated getting picked up but she'd let me pick her up don't know why she'd let me get way with a lot of stuff she'd bite other people for, guess she had a stroke or something. Was about 17 years old and when they woke up in the morning she'd keep tiping over, falling down, think she was walking when laying on her side kicking her legs. died that night.

    Monday night: my moms boy firends in the hospital right now, even tho i can't stand they guy latly even tho i live by my self i feel sorry for him. he got out of bed monday monding took a few steps and fell down in pain got rushed to the hospital he had to get his appendix and part of his intestine taken out, he'll have to shit in a bag for the next 6 months. he'll be in the hospital for about 6 more days. my mom told me about how the night of the operacion he thought his dead dog was in the room beacuse the old guy across the room ( when he was sleeping ) sounded like how his dog would cry he thought for sure his dog was there that night.

    tuesday night: think my girl friend might be pregnant, she took 2 test both came out positive, got to go to the docter to find out for sure.

    rest of the week: got to start packing, got to move again at the end of the month and no clue when i'll be back on GC after that, so i guess the point of this tread is to wish every one luck and happiness in there life.

    Might be back on once or twice before i move ( not including today / tonight ) but hoepfully every thing works out for every one and every one has a good time :wave:
  2. damn i actually read that

    sucks bout your mums boyfriend .

    also the dog .

    and your pregnant friend .

    shits weak , best of the luck though man :wave:
  3. thanks :), been streesed as fuck latly, got more sleep when i was a meth head, spent quite a while at the hospital with my moms boy friend today. first thing he said to me when my mom went to get the nurse is ' get rid of you dog, Beacuse trust me it hurts so bad when they go" and got all teary eyed don't know why been thinking about that a lot today. don't plan on getting rid of my dog but just made me thing about how much pets mean to people
  4. yeah man he must of really cared for that dog

    i love my dog ... i think its my 5th one but i never had a dog like this one .

    he acts like a real person ( hard to explain) and ill be pretty distraught when he dies.
  5. Good luck. Stay strong
  6. what kind of dog you got ?, i'v got a jack russell shit sue mix ( know thats not how shit sue is spelt, don't care right now ) only about 7 months old tho.
  7. Sorry to see you go, you've been here the whole time I have. But life calls, I understand how that goes. Best of luck man. :wave:
  8. thanks :), I'll miss it here, other then msn GC pretty much the only thing i used the internet. A lot of amazing people here, Wish every one the best luck in life :)
  9. Im suppose to know for sure if the girl firend is pregnant, I'll try to stop in tommrow and let every one know for sure. pretty sure she is, just wen't to the doctors to make it 100% sure
  10. Up date

    Guess the girl friend is pregnant, Im gonna be a dad :), kinda nervous but in a good way. as long as i don't turn out like my dad i'll be happy :D

    guess the did some blood test on my moms boy friend and found out on top of every thing eles hes going threw he was almost diabetic. and today the tube they had up his nose started coming out of his mouth, had a hard time putting it in the first place since he broke his nose so many times,

    Moving next week, found out at the new appartment that i'll have free cable. land lord said she dosn't know why its still there but shes not going to say any thing to any one about it.
  11. Congrats Fatha Sneaky.

  12. Congratulations.

    I will be sure to have a cigar in your honor.
  13. Thanks :), One of her best friends is pregnant too so at least the kid will have another kid to hang with :)
  14. Enjoy your move, Enjoy your life. Be the best father GC has seen. :smoke:
  15. Best of luck to you man.
  16. Thanks :), Same to you and every one here :)
  17. thats sad about that guy in the hospital.sucks about your girl.i hope everything works out for you man.later.
  18. congrats man, im sure youll make a great father.
    i wish you luck with wherever life takes you.
    ill be sure to think of you next time a light up

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