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  1. A little smooth jazz harmony to introduce myself. Hopefully if you opened the thread because of that cryptic title, that means it isn't cryptic to YOU :p If not, lemme know and I'll break it down :)

    Call me or Ock, or Razor, or whatever rows your skiff. I've been playing music professionally as a keyboardist for 30 years and have a degree in music education class of '87. I did not have a day job - that was my job - gigging. :)

    I'm down for discussing music or even finding some jams if there are people around my area that might wanna just find a good garage and a bong and roll with it.

  2. Awesome dude, I have a lot of respect for jazz players. I'm only beginning to crack the surface of jazz chords/scales/techniques.

    Guitar player for 3 years, bass player for 3 weeks. :D

    Guitar I love to play the chili peppers, and make up my own funk grooves. I'm learning bass because me and my friends are in a metalcore-ish band, and no one else wants to play it haha :p

    Anyways, welcome to the city dude.
  3. nother professional musician here... :bongin:
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    Zed and dude, thanks for chiming in.

    Zed, I admire you - approaching jazz on guitar just seems so much harder to me than piano (and I do know my way around guitar)

    But dig in on that bass! I kind of want to be a bass player - the bass line is where its at!

    dude, what do you play?
  5. hi ock. drummer here. done a little jazz, but mostly rock, reggae and world type stuff.

    how's it goin?
  6. Hey man I play piano and I am trying to learn the ways of jazz so that I can play with some very very talanted guitarists drummers and bass players at the cannabis cafe in portland. Right now I don't really know how to properly stacks jazz chords with guitarists so any advice you can give me to point me in the right direction would be great
  7. i like me some jazz but it is frustrating for me to learn on guitar, especially without other musicians there. some of the chords are dissonant and sound weird by themselves but put other instruments in there and they sound cool.
  8. the thread title is becoming my sig in 5 mins...

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