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  1. I try too help and i get warning? I\'m gone, goodbye, i hate it here, i was right before, noone cares.
    Not only a warning but an offending insult off igotthecottons!
    I had too have a huge 50/50 doobie too cure my breakdown and i\'m still breaking down!
  2. You\'re leaving after getting one warning? It\'s not that big of a deal, man. Grow up, get over it and try to make good posts and this won\'t happen again. You wouldn\'t quit your job after one bad day, would you?
  3. I dont give a damn abought the warning, when igotthecottons said too go get edjucated if it was that ^^^^ing easy i would have years ago! :mad:
    All i did was give the best damn advice i could too somone i wanted too help!!!!!!!!
    I had everywhere in my sig and location \"Diagnosed with servere dyspraxia and aspergers.\"
    And yes, I WOULD. If anyone would hire me with my disabilitys, that ain\'t never going too happen!
  4. That\'s even more insignificant. Seriously, man, you should have far more important things to worry about. You shouldn\'t let small shit like that get to you, especially in such a way that you give up hope and just quit.
  5. My aspergers makes that 100% imposable.
    I can\'t remember what happened due too smoking far too much when it happened because i broke down and passed out...The pint probably did\'t help, but then again, it never does. Or was it two pints through the day...One or the other. (All it does is cure my social anxiety.)
  6. I don\'t know who closed this thread... But I just wanted to say somethin to the OP...

    Dude... I gave you the warning for asking people for rep, which is not allowed. It\'s ONLY a warning. I did this because I didn\'t want you to get reported for asking people for rep all the time (which would likely have ended up w/you getting a temp ban). That doesn\'t sound like \"not caring\" to me...

    I also advised that you educate yourself before trying to educate others. This was because you posted in a MMJ thread saying that a \"weak indica\" would \"cure\" some guys back pain - and that was just flat out not true.

    It\'s not difficult to educate yourself on MMJ. You don\'t need to go to school or anything. Just read up on it. Do some research on the net and shit.

    I didn\'t insult you. Not at all.

    When people ask questions on these forums, most of them expect the replies to be from people who know what they\'re talking about. If you\'re not really sure - just say so.

    With all that being said... Sorry to see you go, man. Especially over something so minor and petty. I wish you the best in life.
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