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Discussion in 'General' started by Reefer_Cat, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. This board has taught me a couple of things about weed and entertained me a little more... I thank everyone for that. I have decided to move on to greener pastures though. I am sorry that after 420 posts I never got to know anyone here and nobody will ever realize that I'm gone. Happy Smokin',


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  2. hey cat

    we be remembering your ass

    i noticed you where here

    and will notice "if"you realy stay away....

    now the mrs and i are the only alaskins left on board!
  3. besides who elts would remember i am from jueanu?
  4. I'm sorry to see you retiring at 420 posts. I knew you were here, and I'll miss ya... *CRIES* Please, don't go... *audience stands up, applauding* Thank you, you like me, you really like me. *Snif*
  5. I SO knew you were here, Reefer_Cat!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be missed!!!!!!!! You know, our pastures can get pretty fuckin' green from time to time so it would be cool if you'd check in with us and let us know how you are doing!!!!

    Or better yet.....come back for good when you feel like it!
  6. yeah, wtf are you talking about? I noticed you all the time. if anything you're one of the most tolerable people here, you've said plenty of things that I agreed with and virutally nothing that pisssed me off. If you want more attention just shamelessly scrounge around for it like the rest of us ;)
    Hope i see you again.
  7. Het reefer cat, Get your ass back here. I enjoyed the time you stayed and the post and replies you made. IF YOU FEEL YOU MUST GO, Then remember we love you, you know!!!!!!

    Take care and enjoy life!
  8. come here reefer cat! come on! ::shaking ball of reefer diguised catnip::
  9. Why may I ask are you leaving?

  10. here pussy pussy pussy.....

    oh wait

    wrong thread...

    so like i am always forgeting shit ...

    oh fuck still wrong thread...

    um any body know what im suposed to be doing?
  11. Cya pal, just know that we will all miss you, even me who is new... Hope you have a good time, and you are ALWAYS welcome back.

    peace and gl
  12. your words will remain with us until the day they are deleted, but they will be in the memory of stoners for as long as...

    what was i talking about...

    oh yeah, you will be missed.
  13. Have a great life man, its been good reading some of your posts, i'm sure you'll be recongnized on the "grasscity hall of stoners" or whatever they wanna call it
  14. I personally havn't had the sense or the thought to introduce myself and attempt to get all personal with everyone-there are so many of you, and I'm so new, I feel as tho it would be overstepping my boundries, plus I don't know any ettequite w/ these things- I feel as tho I know all you regs. 'cause I read these posts daily. I'm hooked on it and I enjoy it, and I'm brand new. esp. all the grow pics and info. I aspire to be as good as Woody one day. So anyway my main point is: dude, do not leave the board if you think your input is not appriciated, cause it definately is. Thank you all. My 2 cnts--Swan

  15. [​IMG]

    hahahaha. oh man, thats great.
  16. But 420 is when things have just begun...
  17. sad tah see ya gone, hopefully ya return sometime.
  18. later man... come back soon... and alive...
  19. Nice sig SNATCH ;) keep dreamin. Just remember to switch hit sometimes as to not have huge muscles on just one arm ;)
  20. DUDE!! of course we noticed you..cripes...
    if anybody isnt noticed here its me...they see my avatar and cast any relevant thoughts aside immediately:D...or at least thatts what im striving for.

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