Bye-Bye Kilpatrick...

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  1. Hahaha *****s in lockup right now.

    Mayor of Detroit that is.

    He pushed the straw pushin that sherrif a couple months back and now he violated his bond.

    Dude needs to get out, Hes a fuckin street thug jus in the political system.

    *****s none better then any of us in Detriot.

    Ridin around in his limo with bitchs doin lines makin the poor folks feel even worse.

    That happend a couple years back.

    Fuck Kwame.

  2. no shit man. I saw that today and laughed.
    About time that piece of shit got picked up...
  3. Shit man, I'd vote for him.
  4. I remember a couple days ago, when asked 'Who's the biggest gangster in your city?' on this one forum I go to, some dude from Detroit posted a picture of this guy^^^ the mayor..
  5. I heard something on 95.5 today "Were so gangster even our mayor is in jail" made me crack up. Kwame is a dirtbag though, Detroit needs someone who will fix the crisis not add to it.
  6. fuck kwame indeed
  7. All this and dudes still in office?
    and to think.
    clinton just got some head.

    /shakes head
  8. 'Bout damn time.
  9. Fuck Detroit and fuck Kwame. I met the writer from the Free Press (Jim Shaeffer) who exposed him on the text messaging scandal.

    He is the worst mayor and I wish he went to prison for years and years. Detroit is a shit ass city with nothing on the horizon. Only the sports are saving the is a garbage ghetto hole. I never drive there anymore unless I go to a sporting event. It is just a bunch of old, rundown buildings in a dirty town. With the mayor and our governor, Michigan will never be prosperous. Fucking dumbasses.
  10. You made me so proud to live here... :(

    Not that I don't agree though.
  11. I live here and it sucks. I am hoping to move out of the state sooner rather than later. It is just a disgrace. Our mayor is a thug. Our state is economically in shambles. Oh well.
  12. I completely agree with you about the sports. I only go to detroit if I'm going to a tigers game. Pistons aren't in detroit and I never really go to lions or wings games. The city needs to be fixed, but it isn't going to happen for a long time.
  13. couldn't have said it better myself
  14. Fuck you. That is where I grew up and I love that place.

  15. Hamtramck isn't so great, either. But if you enjoy living in lower class suburbs then kudos to you.
  16. Its too bad too, because Detroit still has some world class historical, artistic and educational institutions, hidden inside all the decay, that were created out of the Gilded Age when Detroit was THE place in America. People are too afraid of the place to realize that they even exist and rival anything you would find in New York or Chicago.

    The Detroit Institute of the Arts
    Science Center
    Orchestra Hall
    the numerous theaters

    Can't be hating on Detroit man, they've had some terrible leadership for the past 50 years which doesn't help the unprofitable manufacturing industry the area used to thrive in
  17. How bout them Tigers....
  18. I basically feel the same but wasnt gonna come out with it.

    I love Detroit and ima die with Detroit in me/on me.

    Detroits got its ups and downs and sure shits pretty fucked up.

    But its the people, The vibes, All the good shit. Mexican town's the shit in some parts.

    All over its great shit to see.

    And again, Its the people, We can make it through anything.

    So if you say fuck Detroit, Then sorry but fuck you.

    Word, Thanks homie.
  19. I could not have said it any better myself. I personally do not live in the city, I live about 10 minutes outside, yet I went to high school in the city and I work in the city, I live with the city, and I have a strong connection with the city. What the mayor has done is despicable and I find it ridiculous that the people of Detroit voted him in a second term.

    KSR, Jennifer Granholm is going to have a hearing on starting September 3 to go over the removal of the mayor. I believe that she should have done this sooner, but I have a feeling that she is not going to get it done. She is worried that she will lose the Democratic votes of the people of Detroit by removing the mayor. What happens to Detroit happens to the entire state of Michigan and if she really was acting in the best interest of the state as a whole, she would remove him as soon as possible, but instead she is worried about losing the democratic vote... I absolutely HATE politics and politicians...

  20. god i would love to say somethin so true on a national scale..

    but it would sound racist as fuck... and you cant say anything that sounds racist regardless of if its true or not, cuz the truth just hurts sometimes

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