Bye bye Illinois!

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  1. Well guys i need to vent so here it is. Today i was driving to go pick up a prescription for my meds. I'm a hemophiliac so im prescribed pain killers alot. I dont even use them i vape instead but sometimes im dry and i need them so i keep them around.

    Anyway, im driving on the way back and this cop pulls me over ( happens alot im 1 of the few black guys in my town). He asked me how i was doin and where i was headed i explained i was going to pick up my meds in a calm voice and showed him the prescription. He said he needed to go back to his car and left b4 i could ask why i was even pulled over.

    So he comes back saying he needs to verify my prescription to make sure everythings on the up and up. I explain that i clearly have a legit prescription and showed him my medical info on my condition via my medi alert.

    By this time hes see's im not stupid and says my window tint is to dark and that he needs to search the back of the car. i said go for it man ( i had nothing what so ever on me and this im sure of.) I was actually driving my new car which i had just bought the day b4. Nothing AT ALL was in that car. So he goes to work searching and all of the sudden says "oh thats not good. whats this?" im like what? he holds up a bag of pot which is a "dub" or a gram of dank around my area. Now i KNOW he planted that shit on me. im the only one who has been in the car since i bought it. brand new car and i never buy under an eighth at a time and keep in in mason jars not bags.

    Anyway i end being arrested and now i have a court date where i will likley be giving some community service and a drug class. Well as soon as this shits over im pulling ALL my savings and heading back to the west coast. FUCK ILLINOIS.:mad:
  2. Thats fucked up if you actually didn't have anything in there.

    Nothing you can do about it though.... Sorry man :(
  3. Yup, im sure i had nothing on me and i just accepted that i got raped with no lube. It's ok though i have the means to move and i intend to ass soon as this is over. Already packing my stuff now so ill be ready to rent a truck and GTFO of here.
  4. this is why ill never negotiate with cops. theyre backstabbing liars.

  5. That's fucked up. That's why you should NEVER let a cop search your car even if you got nothing to hide. When you leaving?
  6. That's why you never give consent to search your car. Just for the fact you never know what might be left behind in your car that your forgot, or shady cops who will plant something.

    What part of IL was this in? I'm suprised they arrested you for just a gram. Get a good lawyer, and you wont have to deal with community service or drug classes.... unless you have a shit load of priors.
  7. You fuckin' lucky, gettin' out of Illinois. Run, run while you can!!
  8. I'd get a good damn lawyer for sure.
  9. You should have told him due to my medical condition I would die if I used marijuana. I'm sure that's not mine.
  10. Stoner car saleman?
  11. Did he cuff you and make you wait outside of the car while he searched you because that's REALLY suspicious if he didn't. That sucks though, curropted cops are the worst.

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