Bye Bye GC, I'll miss ya!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by blobbio, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Hi All :wave:

    Due to a major security problem I am leaving GC, and trying to get my threads deleted also. It is purely down to security and my wish not to go to prison. I may be back in the future under a new name but even if I am I won't be letting on :p

    Good luck with all your future grows!!
  2. ahh shit blobbio, i hope all goes well man,

    god speed. :wave:
  3. hate to see you go man, but hope all is well and you stay out of con-college. good luck :smoking:
  4. Waaaait a second. I think with something like that your going to have to tell us how someone legally connected you to this site... Is that even possible? I thought all this sites user information was held in Europe somewhere and that the US has no legal way to extradite that information...
  5. no mate, it is all down to my own personal stupidity. i'd love to elaborate but for obvious reasons i'm not gonna

    also, i'm not in US
  6. good luck mate, stay safe!! left yourself logged in and GC up on your computer??
  7. good luck bro it was nice knowing ya
  8. dude, i just checked out your thread. shame your leavin just as i'm joining, i would have loved to see your thread finished :(

    stay lucky

  9. This is one thing that has always confused me. I may be completely wrong on this but I'm just thinking about what I know of the networks and the ability to monitor information.
    Lets think for a minute. Even though all this information is kept outside the US, what about the ability of LEO to have a system brought to you by the all wonderful Patriot Act that can have a database that has a giant list of of key words that will throw a red flag up whenever that information s searched or even whenever certain messageboard addresses are typed in to your browser. It can't go out of the US before crossing key hubs within the US. LEO has the ability to monitor this if needed due to "terrorist activity"

    Think of it in terms of a decent sized company. They have the ability to install software that can track your every move. If LEO is able to tap in to these main HUB's before exiting the US, why can't they track you down to your IP? If an IP addy is constantly requesting certain IP addy's of well known marijuana boards plus the various googling that one does (but that's another story) why can't that possibly get you caught?

    I'm thinking that it comes down to available resources. Since really it's only pot. I'm sure if marijuana wasn't as talked about as it is today due to the growing number of proponents for the legalization of marijuana, I think there would be a larger crackdown on it. So in essence, I may have just answered my own tinfoil hat question lol
  10. Quick, PM me the name you will use
  11. best of luck bro. It was a pleasure man.
    I'll be able to figure you out when you come back, because you'll slip in one of those fancy brit sayings that will give you away. :D

    peace man,

  12. yo man
    really sorry

    can u give us more info about the reason why
    not just a curiosity but we might find that useful for ourselfs. u know...

    u can PM that shit if u dont want everyone know

    unfortunatly u cant erase all your post man
    hope its gonna be ok anyway

  13. It would be cool if you could PM me whats up.... just out of curiosity.

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