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Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokinP, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. yep I quoted infowars. I quote many media outlets, including the mainstream. See, I at least show that I have something to back up my position, instead of just emotional outbursts.
  2. I can understand gunning it if people are surrounding your car and being violent, but from what footage there was, it looked like he was coming from an area with few people into a crowded area. So 2nd degree murder seems the appropriate charge.
  3. Now the question is, will Big Don pardon the perp.
  4. You have Alex Jones backing up your position. Truly something to be proud of.

    Can you think for yourself? Or you need to regurgitate someone else's mindless dribble.
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  5. Do you agree with that decision?

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  6. I think when you're willingly on someone else's domain you play by their rules.
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  7. wait, so since I spend time and research and think out my opinion on things, I'm now regurgitating someone elses mindless drivel and not thinking for myself? Wow, reality really has gone by the wayside. Sorry for not engaging you with emotional responses, I get that is what you want.
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  8. I'd rather you don't engage at all... Please add me to your ignore list. Just takes one click.

    The reality has gone by the wayside as soon as you started quoting Infowars as a credible source of information. That I agree with.
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  9. Right after he pardons himself and his entire family.
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  10. Except the Jew who struts around with that beautiful woman Ivanka to paraphrase Christopher Cantwell of alt-right organization Radical Agenda.
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  11. But he is fascinated with Jones' ability as an orator. I can imagine he would have found Hitler rather intriguing as well.

    Brilliant orator, that Hitler. His ideas were all fucked up - but such skill orating.

  12. what exactly is incorrect about what I shared then buddy?

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  14. I do get it. I agree they have the right to peaceful assemble. I've said I don't support the actions of antifa several times. But I also think there were lots of counter protestors who acted perfectly appropriately and they're all being lumped in with the antifa assholes. On the other side maybe there were some decent people but overwhelmingly the right wing protestors went along with horribly anti semetic/bigoted chants. It's a false equivalence to say the people showing up to protest hatred are equally culpable for the deaths as the white supremacist who clearly decided to murder people. Several have tried to make the argument that he killed someone because the antifa guy swung at his car which is 100 percent trying to downplay the horrific events.
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  15. What you say is obviously true. There were lots of counter protestors who acted perfectly appropriately.

    Thing is, this IS a very charged political issue. When one side shows up to peacefully march/protest/demonstrate for it, all it takes is a few bad ones from the other side to get all out brawls going. I wish we were smarter than that as a species @ this point, but we simply are not. The monkey aggression gene is still strong within us.

    Because of that, until the Left condemns Antifa, they will be held responsible for their actions.

    Every person I personally know on the right or follow online has condemned the killer and full blown supremacists.
    I have yet to see a single major Democrat or left wing pundit condemn Antifa. An organization that has been violent in America long before anyone ever heard of Charlottesville, VA.
  16. What exactly are their rules?
  17. I don't own or work for GoDaddy domain. Perhaps someone who does can answer for you.
  18. Interesting, you spoke as if you knew or understood godaddy hosting policies.
  19. No, I spoke as if I read an article that clearly stated GoDaddy gave Daily Stormer the boot after their derogatory article about Heather Heyer.
  20. I think as a cheerleader of BLM which is viewed by many as a terrorist organization, you would be in opposition. Considering movements such as BLM and Antifa are extremist organizations that spreads violence and perpetrate hate towards white europeans.
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