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  1. I get it... It's possible that he didn't plan on running people over with his car, but he did so anyway. And according to the law, which you've just mentioned, he did so intentionally.

    So in your view this "planning phase" makes any difference?

    For me it doesn't.
  2. So if someone is attacked first and acts in a way that results in the death of others, it is the same to you as someone who just wakes up and goes there to kill people for no immediate reason?

    They should both be penalized equally?
  3. Of course the loser racist POS is innocent until proven guilty just like all the folks shot by police are guilty until proven innocent. Gotta love GC.
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  4. In this situation it makes no difference. I'm not sure how else to phrase it, so you can understand.

    I'm not going to debate some hypothetical situation, where "someone was attacked"... that type of situation usually implies self defense.
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    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017 does imply it, and that is why it's a standard practice of the law to determine presence of premeditated intent in murder cases.

    How are you convinced that that situation is hypothetical?
    Is it unusual that people's cars are getting bashed on and damaged by protesters in the US these days? Was this not a protest that did turn violent on both sides already?

    Do you have video of what went down before the car plowed into the crowd?
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  6. So now we are going full circle to where you are claiming that he acted in self defense by plowing his car into a crowd of people.

    Thanks for making your point of view clear.

    No, I don't have any video. Why bother with pointless questions?
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  7. The difference between us is that I admit that I do not know what happened prior to the car accident, and am willing to hear the defense present whatever arguments they have. Video footage of prior to the car charging can forever debunk if he was under immediate threat when he plowed ahead.

    You seem to be ok with foregoing any and all discussion about this and just lynching the guy where he stands.

    I hope now my point of view is clearer to you.
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  8. Now these white supremacists are being ousted and losing their jobs

    Creating more angry white men, things will just get more violent I'm afraid.
  9. Smokin,
    You coming to the US to fight the nazis??

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  10. If there was no video of what happened and how it happened, your point might be valid.

    There was a court hearing already, nobody claimed self defense except you here.

    I have nothing else to add here.
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  11. The whole point was that he was being charged with 2nd degree murder, indicating that there is a partial "defense" already against premeditated 1st degree murder. That is the only argument here: Was it premeditated (1st) or reactionary (2nd).

    He's going down for murder either way. No one I subscribe to is arguing his full innocence.
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  12. Too late you already made your point. Thanks for playing.
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  13. Yes, and then I restated it to you in the last post. :thumbsup:
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    No, then it it not free speech. Period.

    If you don't support the right to free speech for those you don't like (or even hate), then you do NOT support free speech.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The more those idiots spew their bullshit, the more the rest of the population sees their idiocy.

    Committing violence is illegal and reprehensible. Inciting violence is illegal and reprehensible. Speech of ANY kind that is not explicitly inciting violence is 100% legal to enact, and is 100% illegal to shut down in the USA. Including speech you hate.

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  15. So apparently The Daily Stormer lost it's .com status because GoDaddy canceled their registration after the site posted a derogatory article about Heather Heyer, the woman killed in Charlottesville. Now they're scrambling to get back online with help from a Russian domain.
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  16. What are friends for?
    stars n bars.jpg
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  17. oooh there is that R word again!!
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  18. exactly, 100%. Well said and thank you.
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  19. yeah...seems pretty valid question when someone says "he was driving the wrong way" doesn't it?

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