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    Prime example of how the label and its definition is thrown onto them, rather than have someone who actually identifies as alt right come out and state their own views.

    The label originated on the web and it was mostly due to generally younger society rejecting the ever-tightening PC culture and identity politics, rather than anything economic or tax related.
    Since then, as we just witnessed, it has been stretched to encompass anything and everything the left disagrees with, including economics and taxation.
    Alt R became everything on the Right, or the center, that refused to cave in to left wing thought.
    It's basically Nazi-lite, broadly sprayed over anyone and everyone who disagrees.
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  2. I'm impressed with your constant attempt to move the far right fringe into the mainstream of what is called the republican party. Great PR.
  3. I'm not the one flinging the label over everyone and everything. You can thank leftist media for that ad nauseam.

    -The president has been called alt Right due to his affiliation with Steve Bannon for over a year, up until the parting of ways.
    -President-bashing traditional conservatives like Shapiro are being called alt Right, even though he frequently disagrees with Trump and loathes Bannon and receives more death threats from actual Nazis than any Jew in America. Doesn't matter, alt Right anyway according to the press.
    -Gay and English Milo Yiannopolous has been crowned the leader of the alt R, all along while repeatedly disavowing the label. He got it anyway.

    The majority use of the label is hurled onto people by their political opponents.
    If Hilary Clinton herself has no problem labeling giant portions of the population as "Deplorables", why should the rest of the party shy away from blanket labels against anyone and everyone who disagrees with the agenda?
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  4. The right have become just as hypersensitive. Debate has been well and truly shut down. Look at this place, it's getting impossible to have a discussion now without all kinds of absurd bluster.

    I've had it myself with a few blades yourself included from voicing support for Antifa in the US. Now every thread is "but, but, you support Antifa". So fucking what? I'd support the British fucking army if they were beating down nazis waving swastikas.

    We all need to loosen up a bit and get back to arguing about tax, abortion, warmongering, etc... I've had friendlier arguments with Zionist fanatics here in the past than I do these days.
  5. Just so you know,.... Supporting Antifa while beating people and burning peoples shit up is like being a Nazi in a lot of sensible peoples minds. imo

    The left has endorsed insanity over common sense in my opinion. Just look at CNN with eyes wide open and you will see whats wrong. The hate is easy to see. You just can't keep calling 63 million people racists bigots and think that anything will end well. imo
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  6. To clarify, right = conservative - left = liberal?
    And while I'm in a curious frame of mind, please offer your perspective on what the core principles of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are.
  7. Well, Chaos and dead cops. And when do we want them.....NOW, Pretty insane...I know
  8. The escalation to violent protest is due to an authoritarian response to the situation rather than a diplomatic one. What of the call to take out their families or blow them back to the stone age or wipe them of the face of the Earth? Sounds like the ravings of a sociopath, right?
  9. I think we are on different planets. If you are looking for a sociopath just watch CNN for a short time and you will find all kinds of them. 13 more months to the next election and you will find out where the majority of americans are coming from. We all will. good luck with your Antifa and BLM agenda.
  10. You've only offered chants not ideological positions of the movements. What of the disparate shouts about Blood and Soil or Jews will not replace us?
    Sadly the majority of Americans choose not to vote. Either it has become too difficult or there is an honest frustration over the moral character of those entrusted with the reigns of power.
    So we are left with the active minority rallied by varied passions to continue participating in a glorified race for class president with no accountability when falling short of promises.
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    If you genuinely care about being objective about the American political situation, I'd urge you to look back at where and when the modern American polarization began. I may have voted Obama twice, but it is undeniable that identity politics and hyper-tribalism began in the latter years of his administration.

    If it is "Impossible to have a discussion" it is due to the polarization that occurred 100% on the Left wing's watch during those final years of the Obama administration. The Left absolutely owns the mass-launching of repeated pejorative labels across large segments of the population.
    One of the biggest reasons Trump was elected (not the only one) was because Americans were simply sick of being told that everyone and everything is racist/sexist/homophobic/islamophobic/etc. That level of corrosion was not sustainable under any society. No matter what group anyone was in, something was always "offensive". How long can any society hope to go on like that?

    Your ardent hatred for Nazis repeatedly fails to consider that in the current US, regular citizens are labeled as such, just because they do not tow a particular party's line. By now I get that you don't really know what it's like here.
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  12. One of the biggest reasons Trump was elected (not the only one) was because Americans were simply sick of being told that everyone and everything is racist/sexist/homophobic/islamophobic/etc.
    I couldn't disagree more; one of the biggest reasons is his savant like ability to speak in generalities and allow the audience to adhere meaning to an incoherent stream punctuated by promises and self congratulatory declarations.
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  13. P has been here a long time, he's what you could legitimately call far left and he's never been afraid to say it. Hell he used to have the Hammer and Sickle as his picture. :laughing: If you're hoping to actually change his mind, don't bother.

    You're right about the left not wanting a discussion though. It's so ironic how the right gets accused of being akin to Nazis. Do people even know what the Nazis were like about opposing ideology?
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    So, you saying the other reason listed was no factor at all?
    You are making a blanket statement that everyone who voted Trump did so for no other reason other than falling for deception? Their own views against Clinton or leftist thought couldn't have possibly contributed to who they voted for? This is both presumptuous and blind to social data.

    Clinton and PC culture were well hated in the US before Trump decided to run for president. It comes as no surprise that he, as would any other candidate who did the same, appealed to a large enough segment of the population to win the presidency.
  15. Not actually falling for deception, more ascribing their preconceptions to his word salad. The point missed is that not all who voted are Trump supporters - many just hoped for a course change from a lifetime of career politicians while ignoring his glaring inadequacies.
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  16. ben shapiro

    nazi jew
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  17. He's a Nazi gangster Jew.
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  18. I'd partially agree.

    A lot of the "ignoring" was purposely going against Clinton. Not being unaware, as it is often presented as by the counter media. "They voted against our girl, because they simply didn't know better, the fools!"

    I am ok with the notion that a lot of people who voted Trump don't necessarily love Donald Trump, but simply did so because they did not want more of what the Democrats and Obama/Clinton culture gave the US in the previous 8 years.
    Considering the level of polarization in the country at the time, I don't blame them one bit. Any ruler looking to preside over such elevated levels of polarization, can expect to be voted out, or worse.
  19. Obviously they were likewise fed up with the politics of the Republican party as he smoked their wide field of contenders as well
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  20. I don't care about the American political system, the sooner that warmongering monster collapses the better.

    You are totally ignoring the fact that the right and in particular Trump supporters are the ones running around screaming "Nazi and white supremacists" anytime they or their political idols are criticised.

    Nazis and those that stand with them are the scum of the earth. Would you agree with this statement?

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