Bye bye Alt Right

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  1. You attempt to vaguely diffuse when attacked for your views and statements. It's like a crippled grasp for an imagined moral high ground.

    When you actively support physical attacks on Americans for their political views, you are going to piss people off.
    The fact that you are doing it from across the pond, and frequently blatantly have no clue about what life in the US is like, is only going to flag you for more "attacks".
    The fact that you have been doing this for a long time here tells me that you are very aware of it, you just like to do what you do. It comes as no surprise that several blades have labeled your rhetoric as propaganda on various occasions.

    I am ok if a member calls you out on your many ridiculous statements, and I do not think it is they who are looking to "provoke an argument" as you so quickly accused them of doing.
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  2. By all means argue the content of what I post, that's the whole point of a political forum and the reason why threads are started. It's healthy to share our views and beliefs on a topic but let's not get angry or offended by the content of a post. If you have an issue with anything I post then report it and let the mods review said post. That's what the report function is for.

    You might want to note that I have not called for anyone to be attacked, that's against the forum rules. What I have stated on numerous occasions is that Nazis should be confronted wherever and whenever they raise their ugly heads and I stand by that.

    I think we both know where we stand now Comrade so let's chill out and move on.
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  3. An interesting take on the Alt-right.

    The internet has given us many things, some of them wonderful and some of them awful. The so-called alt-right—the racist, misogynist collective of angry white men—deserves a place in the digital garbage pile, alongside cyberbullying, revenge porn and “2 Girls 1 Cup.” (And to a far, far lesser degree, choreographed wedding dance videos.)

    In short, the alt-right is a product of online troll culture, a direct outgrowth of the internet’s digital Wild West. For years it expanded—or more appropriately, festered—in the dark corners of sites like 4chan and Reddit, where it ultimately became the group that gained peak visibility with the horrible events of Charlottesville.

    It’s important to remember that there are no card-carrying members of the alt-right. It’s not an official organization, and alignment is self-defined. What’s collectively described as the alt-right is a loose coalition of overwhelmingly white male representatives of various online communities, including anti-women “meninists,” gamers, white nationalists, neo-Nazis and their sympathizers, anti-government types, conspiracists, and dudes who’ve just decided that women and people of color are the reason they don’t have dates or C-suite jobs.

    The alt-right houses all of those groups, but they might not have come together so seamlessly under its big tent were it not for a unifying loathsome cause.

    Enter Donald J. Trump, King of the Internet Trolls and Patron Saint of Racists. Trump’s campaign—nearly two years of his gross and violent racist, xenophobic and anti-woman rhetoric and behavior—gave these groups a central figure around which to rally. The_Donald, the Reddit community that helped get the president elected, gave them a home base.
  4. As long as you can comprehend that there are those of us who will fight those of you who want to suppress speech just as ardently as you want to fight Nazis. (Real or media-ordained)
  5. I not only expect to see different opinions in any thread I start but I'd be shocked if everyone agreed. This is not a forum just for those on the left nor is it a forum dedicated to those on the right.

    It's a tool to encourage debate and discussion and that's what's happening in this thread. If we wanted to only meet approval for everything we post then we're in the wrong room.
  6. No shit Comrade.

    What kind of responses did you envision you'd get in a place for "debate and discussion" for "Bye bye Alt Right" and "attack Americans who disagree with me because they're all Nazis" ?

    All this in a thread which you lustly tagged as "Nazi Alt Right Hate" and "Bigot Knuckledraggers"


    You are falsely complaining that a blade was merely looking to "provoke an argument". I'm the one telling you he's perfectly within bounds with his statements, considering what your own statements have been.
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  7. Last month, the country’s leading neo-Nazi group did away with their swastika logo. Emboldened by Donald Trump’s victory in the election, they saw this as a moment where their movement could go mainstream.

    The National Socialist Movement, which has its roots in the original American Nazi Party, has replaced it’s swastika insignia for an a pre-Roman symbol known as the Othala Rune also embraced by the Nazis.


    Jeff Schoep, the movement’s leader, told the New York Times that the decision to do away with the swastika was “an attempt to become more integrated and more mainstream.”

    According to the Anti-Defamation League, the othala rune is part of the runic alphabet system, a system of writing used in pre-Roman Europe.

    “Nazis in Germany adopted the othala rune, among many other similar symbols, as part of their attempt to reconstruct a mythic ‘Aryan’ past,” the ADL writes on their website. “Following World War II, white supremacists in Europe, North America, and elsewhere began using the othala rune. Today, it is commonly seen in tattoo form, on flags or banners, as part of group logos, and elsewhere.”

    Read more: Neo-Nazis’ Latest PR Gambit: Swap the Swastika for a New Logo
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  8. what is alt-right
  9. A raffle taggle assortment of white supremacists, Nazis, anti Semites, etc etc.

    Breivik would be a big fan I'm sure.
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    It's more of a label that is thrown onto people these days, rather than something that people describe themselves as. Some will proudly wear it, but many, if not the majority who are labeled alt-right are nothing more but people who voiced their opinions and refused to tow whatever the Leftist line is at hand.

    Didn't vote for Hilary ? Must be alt right.
    Don't agree with Obama? Must be alt right.
    Don't agree with BLM ? Must be alt right.
    Don't agree with Leftist media like MSNBC or CNN? Must be alt right.
    If you think freedom of speech also applies to speech you disagree with? Must be alt right.
    Dare to agree with anything Trump says? Must be alt right. (and literally Hitler)

    And so on, and so on. The label keeps expanding to encompass anyone who dissents with hard Left thinking.
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  11. Hey uhh... I try to get along with everyone and can y'all see that even tho y'all don't like each other, y'all don't even have to live in the same state lol... this is exactly what an enemy would want, for all of us to turn against each other. I honestly don't know who the real enemy is any more lol... if there even was one in the first place
  12. Who has been labelled as Alt-right here?

    I can't recall anyone either identifying as Alt-right but I may be wrong?
  13. :lmafoe:
  14. I was answering his general inquiry on what the alt-right "Is" these days according to those who use the label so freely. Not just pertaining to these forums but the US in general.

    For example, a lot of the discussions had here would get the right-leaning folks crucified on hyper-leftist colleges like Berkeley, DePaul, or Madison. There they might skip the alt-right label completely and go straight to "Nazi" since that's a green light for violence against those they disagree with.
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  15. Gotcha!

    I find the whole label thing a little ridiculous tbh and both sides of the fence are as bad as each other.

    That said if you march around waving a swastika you are a Nazi and should be labelled as such.
  16. Problem is, many who are not waving around swastikas and never would, are still being told they are.

    In the US, if you are against the Left's politics, you get told you are a Nazi. It does not matter that you might be black, or Jewish, or gay, or have lost family @ the hands of actual Nazis during WW2.

    Obviously not everyone everywhere is a political zealot but currently there is a heightened propensity to hurl these labels at conservatives, as this black dude found out. He brought it up to Shapiro (The Jew Nazi :smoke:) during the recent Berkeley speech. @ 1:28:27

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  17. Holy shit
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  18. Not only am I glad this website is a great place to share bud, but a great place to share our views on what's been going on. I can't believe people took it this far... like damn wtf happened??? lol

    For the most part tho, I see the good people actually do out number the bad. Like if it came down to it and someone saw another person in real trouble, in some real life situation, they would help them no questions asked. There are a lot more people starting to freak tho... I'm kinda worried about that...
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  19. ...and lots of
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  20. For the most part the Alt R supports giving the rich a trillion dollar tax break while dropping all pretense of helping the less fortunate. Otherwise, they will give you the shirt off their backs.

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