Bye bye Alt Right

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  1. Yeah I know Ireland the country stayed neutral but plenty of Irishmen fought under the British and Canadian flags.

    I guess you could say the Russians made the biggest "sacrifice" if you mean lost the most men. But I'd put that down to the Red Army being badly led and poorly equipped and trained rather than any particular heroism on the Soviets' part.
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  2. the AK-47 was invented just a bit too late
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  3. The Alt-right has nothing to do with the Right.They are the Alternate to the Right,sounds Leftist to me.
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  4. Yes, Stalin is infamous for his one gun two men order but the Russian people showed great resilience and stopped Hitler in his tracks. The Nazis experienced huge losses in Russia which they never recovered from.

    My grand Uncle went off to fight in the Spanish civil war at the time. Never heard of again. Presumed dead or drunk.
  5. so then nothing at all? hey at least you guys can drink whiskey and frolic in the rolling hills with gingers !
  6. careful sir, logic is frowned upon in these parts!
  7. Aren't the Alt Right those crazy guys you see on every forum ranting about the Jews or globalists or whatever?

    You can tell that kind of person is literally repeating something they found on a website somewhere and barely understands what they're talking about.

    I don't like this attempt to expand this loaded term to encompass anybody to the right of Stalin. It just causes confusion

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  8. I've met a lot of blades here down through the years and some who were great at hurling insults but sadly J you are not one of them. I've never seen such pathetic attempts before. It's embarrassing and I cringe when I read them.

    I'm sorry J but somebody has to say something. :(
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  9. likewise
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  10. One of the major issues in American politics right now. Expansion of labels for the sake of not just confusion, but actively silencing the opposition.

    "I am right, because you are a racist/sexist/homophobe/nazi and as such your opinion does not matter. I also get to punch you, or worse, if I feel triggered enough by your views."

    Basic political thuggery, often perpetrated by what are essentially fascistic sociopaths.

    The good news is, more people are at least becoming aware of this shit going on. People like Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are more popular than ever for a reason.
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  11. its really funny that you are just dodging my questions now and trying to deflect from my point. For a guy who lives thousands of miles away to say some shit about "america not winning anything" that lives in ireland? Pretty fucking rich dude, for real. I've given you many opportunities to answer my questions, which are sincere. But you do not, instead you deflect with poorly placed "humor".
    So, again, what exactly has ireland ever won, as a country? That was in this thread. The other threads I was asking pertinent questions about how your government functions and you did the same. Deflect with poorly placed 'humor" comrade. You are slipping, big time. You used to at least be semi entertaining.
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  12. 10000% well said. Its pretty blatantly on display here on these very boards if one didn't want to watch the news to see it lol. Its a sad tactic that they have resorted too. Its easier to dismiss someones idea's and opinions if you lump them all together as bigots, or whatever the fucking buzzword is this week. Most don't ever even attempt to engage in any kind of meaningful discourse, it almost assuredly goes to that place almost immediately. Some are more colorful with their labeling than others, but in the end its all the same. If you don't agree with them, you are some form of something that they don't like so your opinion doesn't matter.
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  13. This thread is all about the Alt-right comrade, let's try to stop derailing it.
    You already replied to this post a couple of days ago and now you're back quoting the same post again. :)

    I know you're getting excited and a little desperate now to provoke an argument so lets try and keep things on topic.
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    You have made a thread after Charlottesville in which you ludicrously implied that the "Alt Right" was finished. (Bye Bye Alt Right).
    How's the accuracy on that working out for you so far?

    In the thread, you often inaccurately describe what you think is going on in the US, having never actually experienced any of it yourself. This would explain why you are frequently blatantly wrong about the cultural ongoings of this country, like "Nazis are marching the streets!!" :rolleyes:

    Furthermore, you support physical assault onto people who politically disagree with you.

    I wouldn't go around calling other blades "desperate to provoke an argument" if I had your reputation here.
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  15. I started this thread about the demise of the Alt-right in the US. Judging by how many blades have got their knickers in a twist about this perhaps as you stated I am wrong and they have far more support here than I thought.
    This thread has nothing to do with Ireland. It's simple, as I stated earlier in this thread if you want to discuss Ireland then start a thread - IE has and if you have any questions/insults to throw then kindly post them there.

    As for my "reputation", it's not a popularity contest. :)

    I've been around a lot longer than you pal and seen many angry young men come and go and I bet I'll be here long after you disappear.

    If you have anything to add to the topic at hand please do so, if not then jog on. ;)
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    Glad you admit you are wrong about the status of the Alt Right. One admission of inaccuracy at a time is also a step in the right direction.

    Your thread is not about Ireland, but if you want to yap on for years about how "America sucks because of this and America sucks because of that" on a mostly American-visited site, don't be surprised if Americans start calling out your own little speck of dirt that you call home.
    I know it's easier just to shit on other peoples' country and keep your own out, but fortunately for society, people will eventually retort in kind, as you are now finding out.

    Pretty additive to the topic I'd say. My jogs are later in the day.
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  17. Come on, we're almost 60 pages in and you guys have gripes about being off topic? At this point side conversations happen and eventually come full circle. Who cares if you guys have a discussion that goes a page or two that is only off by a couple degrees of separation. Just do your thing respectfully and let it come back around naturally. It is way more interesting that way than trying to arbitrarily keeping it static to the OP at this point. Smoke a bowl and roll with it. It always comes back around. The little political scuffles are just as entertaining and bring out as much in a way that expands the original topic in more of a way than trying to confine it. It's 60 pages in, we all know each other at this point. Just don't be petty, keep the banter fresh and within the rules. Chill out but let loose.
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  18. You might want to have a read of the sticky at the top of the forum and pay particular heed to the following:

    If you are going to play in the Politics forum, you need to be aware that other members may very well disagree with your thoughts and ideas...and probably will. In fact, expect it. It's not an attack, it's just a difference of opinion.

    Anyway, enough of the drama. Let's get back on track. :)
  19. Very well. I look forward to you embracing further retorts to your propagandized alt-left rhetoric as differences of opinion and not attacks.

    Should you still feel further unjustly attacked yourself, please feel free to heed the sticky you referenced, and exercise the ignore function.
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  20. Excellent, glad we are aligned. Argue the topic, not the poster. It's not a personal attack on every American when America is criticised.
    Let's all put our toys back in the pram and carry on the healthy and lively discourse.

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