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by hand or with a roller.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KaosTheory, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Just wondering how everyone rolls. I personaly roll by hand. i find if i use a roller its usually tight and hard to hit.
  2. never used a roller.

    don't want to either :p

  3. same...
  4. I want to try a roller just to try it but I love rolling by hand
  5. i have a friend that uses a roller and its nice but it rolls too tight and you can only roll like a .8 blunt, and thats a waste of a rello if theres like 5 people tryina smoke. im not too good at rolling L's, i have my good days and bad days, but id much rather do it myself than use a machine.
  6. Nice dsm, i had gen 1 gsx. mine ran low 9's in the eighth
  7. Never used a roller before, always just done it by hand :)
  8. U play on XBL dont you?
  9. i've always wanted to buy a roller but i dunno, there is just something about rolling it yourself that a roller couldnt match i think
  10. rolling yourself fills your spliff/joint/blunt with the love no machine could put into it. it's your piece of work, not some machines. you are proud, and you love that rolled j.
  11. No doubt.
  12. Always perfect by hand.

    Gives satisfaction i can roll fast and efficiently.
  13. Nope! Don't really play video games, some CS:S from time to time to time but not much these days.
  14. by hand ftw! rollers are always too tight
  15. rollers = noobs
  16. Its gotta be by hand, nothing beats the satisfaction of skinning up
  17. Rollers tend to roll too tight, and you just get so much satisfaction from rolling your own blunt/jay...
  18. I'm an experienced roller, but I have a feeling that I am the slowest roller on earth. For some reason my speed has never picked up, and usually it takes me a good two minutes to roll a basic joint, but each one is rolled with love so time is not an issue for me:smoke:
  19. Same here haha. Never been fast at rollin or makin anything, whether it be a simple foil pipe or an apple. I always feel the need to make that shit PERFECT, but it's all good, my shit smokes nice while the other guys shit is runnin and barely hittin in some places. :smoke: Roll your own shit.
  20. For me it seems like theres this primative satisfaction that I get out of rolling.

    Like I can imagine the scenery around me, whatever it maybe, change into a forest setting and me moistening up a dry leaf and rolling some freshly harvested marijuana that was picked from a field a couple miles away.

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