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By far whats your fav. strain?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cody704, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. I have been smoking since I was 20(I know late bloomer lol) but 7 years later... my fav. Strain by far is OG Kush.... What's yours??
  2. Chocolope without a doubt
  3. I have heard and heard about it... but can never get my hands on any... : (
  4. No favs yet but purple maroc was nice
    also purple erkle
  5. My most recent pickup has been by far the best I've had. Its called god OG, my grower bred god bud and Og kush. It is perfect for my back pain, and gets me way stoned.
  6. killer krip kush
    sonoma coma
  7. Hmmm... god OG sounds delicious lol
  8. The fuely lemony kushiness of OG:cool:
    Fire OG is the shit too
  9. Hard to say, but any strong sativa will do
  10. I can't really put my finger on one, but OG Kush and Blue Dream are both super dooper dank lol. :D
  11. purp and skywalker og
  12. Sour D and blue Dream.
  13. Kandy kush, fucking beautiful
  14. A local strain "rolls royce" would be my top spot, but really close behind are durban poison, cat piss, and galaxy. All of these strains taste amazing and are real potent, they're all sativa's (dominant at least) besides the galaxy.
  15. S.A.G.E It's kinda indescribable, made me feel green or earthy/plant like. Has an amazing taste as well.
  16. Kiwi kush skunk or Blue Diesel.

    I remember smoking the blue diesel one night with a friend and I couldn't even open my eyes :smoke:
  17. Super lemon haze is the best i've had so far. only been smoking a little over a year though.
  18. I can't even pick one here's my top.

    Super Silver Haze
    Northern Lights
  19. right now, any strain that gets me baked
  20. either Kandy Kush or Headband, amazing

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