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  1. "Today a young man on acid realised that all matter is mearly energy, condensed to a slow vibration; that we are all one consiousness experiencing itself subjectively; there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves."

    Bill Hicks.


    any thoughts,citizens ?...
  2. The universe has a progressive nature. We're simply the most complicated incarnation of the universe thus far.
  3. I seeeeee,
    Soooooo, because energ can neither be created or destroyed, that vital life force (electromagnetic energy) is released upon death goes to where?

    Does it join in with the universal flow of energy (AKA GOD) or does it become part of the static electricity that shocks the next person who enters the space where you died?

    If you are holding someone's hand when they 'die' does their life force enter into you through that physical connection?

    Heven and hell are the same place. Just depends on what you expect to be there when you get there.

  4. i believ we once were all one, but it was kinda borring, so we split to interact.
  5. We no more advanced than the simple bacteria that exist in the environment. and in 30 to 100 million years from now, I will be proven correct.

  6. I guess we'll just have to wait around to see about that. Haha, but anyway.... what do you mean we're no more advanced than simple bacteria? wtf?
  7. yes wtf indeed
    I think i am much more advanced than bacteria. and I am surley more advanced than simple bacteria
  8. i dunno about that.

    if your body was reduced to the size of one cell, you would surely die. some goes with any single cell of your body being sent on its own.

    a bacteria is pretty amazing if you think about.

    if reproduction is the ultimate goal in life, then a bacterias billions of offspring a day should satisfy that.
  9. reproduction is the ultimate goal for a race to survive but not the ultimate goal in life.

    And if you think it is then you are nothing more than simple bacteria

  10. not my goal. I lack the motivation. Anyway it is confusing to create and put together the legos and kinex. So like we are all one and connect, yeah even the assholes, and when one is born it is the souls self expression, but it gets lost and trappen in a body.

  11. *bump*

    and check for the edit button alive problem.

  12. I like that idea.. a lot actually

    Now lets say we did do that, why would we choose to feel pain, fear and anger?

    I think that we join with the universe (enlightenment, nirvana, being one with the universe, whatever you wanna call it) and when it's our time we would be reincarnated into any living thing.. or maybe into anything that has energy (which would be everything!) so maybe you would end up as a rock? lol. OR our spirit enters the cell after reprouction and bam! your alive and rockin again.

    Back the the splitting thingy again.. if we did split would it just be for amusment and experience?? because experiencing despair isn't fun at all lol.. but wouldn't we need a reason to suffer? hmmmmmm :smoke:

  13. without it life would be meaningless, we couldnt appreciate the good times, cos all times would be good, without appreciation it would become boring, leading to all these things anyway, its just the human condition
  14. hmm think i'v heard that in a tool song
  15. NOTE TO SJ today I cannot edit the bump post, yesterday i could.

    because if there were no shadows, we would not see the light.

    nahhh it was just boring, so we decided to let go of our omnipotence, and split.
    (that theory is taken from the buddhhist science)

    because there cannot be light withour darknes.

    you could never feel warm if you cannot feel cold.

    you cannot feel happy if you never felt sad.

    etc, etc..

    to experience something is to experience it in contrast to it's oposit
    (ying yang, matter anti-matter, proton electron, fusion fision, ... )

  16. yea.. now i see the picture! :smoke: Its all making sense now.. except i have one more question lol

    if we split cause it was booring, when does it end? and when it ends whats after that? and if this life is an illusion, does time exist?

    ok thats more than one question. ;)
  17. i think of us as any other living organism on this planet only our brains are lerger and more complex than other organisms, so we can have complex tought processes, basically what big poppa puff said
  18. just as a bird, whom doesn't have a bid egough brain to understand the purpose of his life, we humans do not know, and probably never will.
    (that would be like meeting /GOD/.

  19. do you think that would have something to do with the string theory? i don't know much about the string theory, but lets say you take the atomic model of the atom and you have electrons jumping from orbit to orbit, we can see that on the visible spectrum, would that 'jump' be energy and since an atom is soooo tiny, the only part that matters is the energy that is created from the jump? or is the string theory something completely different??

  20. Very few people actually reach enlightenment or nirvana. One person that reached enlightenment was Siddartha Gautama (sp?)or Buddha. When you die you do not automatically reach nirvana or enlightenment.

    nir·va·na (nîr-vän, nr-)
    a. Buddhism: The ineffable ultimate in which one has attained disinterested wisdom and compassion.
    b. Hinduism: Emancipation from ignorance and the extinction of all attachment.

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