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Buzz'z Funky First Grow thread! Complete with photos for your enjoyment

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by BuzzLightOne, Jun 9, 2009.

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    Thanks for the +rep 7o'sshow! That is as sincere as a compliment gets around here. :) My roofless greenhouse. Somehow that sounds rediculous, but whatever works, right?
  2. Thanks for the compliment. It really looks strange from the house. Like some big I don't know what, I've never seen another one like it that's for sure. I can't help but think it will draw more attention this way. :laughing:

    Just as I thought, it started raining with intermittant hail! I ran out to cover the girls, and now I am drenched and freezing! :devious:
  3. B-e-a-Utiful plants Buzz. Coming along quite nice. How is the smell of them so far, mine have a faint skunk to them.
  4. Buzz did you train them to the outdoor light or just move em from inside to outside?
  5. Hey Fox, You know I haven't noticed any smell. Thats really cool that you can smell them. I love the aroma of marijuana.

    It's a beautiful warm night. The storm has blown out east, and I went out to see how they were doing and they look ok. I am going to have to go out in the morning and check on them first thing.

  6. Uh, I just moved 'em out. They will all get partial shade at different times of the day. I'm hoping that's enough. I will make little umbrellas for them if I have to. LOL

    Do you think this could be a big problem? :confused:
  7. Buzz, I love how your plants are looking, and the enclosure you've built. I have to agree; the weather we've been having this season is insane. It's hailed like 5 times that I can think of so far, rains like there's no tomorrow, and whips up winds with accompanying tornadoes. Ya think it's global warming?

    Oh, on another note, my friend noticed our apartment manager walking by our back porch the other day, taking note of the area. My friend told me, and I immediately plucked the 2 bagseeds I had growing, as one of them was a few inches tall. I'd rather not have that kind of attention, ya know? Not to mention they were only getting maybe 6 hours of light per day. I will be posting a grow journal for my indoor grow soon, beginning with my actual setup. Will let you know the URL as soon as I got it going. Peace.

  8. Hey Sativa! I'm glad you came by. :D

    You could have really had a problem there. Nosy people! I'm sure glad that you got a head's up from your friend. It's too bad you had you get rid of them. But that was the smart thing to do imo.

    I can't wait to see you up and growing! With the knowledge you have accumulated, I'm sure you will be awesome at it! Good luck my friend. I wish we lived closer, I'd help you out with your bagseed grows.
  9. lookin good dude. keep up the good work
  10. Hey Nexiusus, Thank you for the compliment! :wave:

    Nice to see you stopped by on this beautiful summer day.
  11. I got up and first thing I did was check on my babies. It is a beautiful day! OMG. I love nature.

    I took some photo's. I like to do that, if you hadn't noticed.

    The wind is a little blustery, but I think they look good, showing no signs of transplant shock.

    Now we'll see how they fare with the heat and sunlight today.

    Enjoy your day! :wave:

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  12. Hey buzz! How many hours of sunlight do your plants get? I think the one thing hindering my vancouver kush is that it only gets about 7 hours of direct sunlight. Your plants look great... I bet they are going to be huge. You must live out in the middle of nowhere... or as the thread suggests have no annoying neighbors :)

    Hopefully the weather stays nice like it was today, however the report says we are in for some cloudiness this week. Dammit, I wish it would end!

    I did order some comfrey, it might be a little late for you but they do come up real fast -

    I ordered from Horizon Herbs-Organic growers of medicinal herb seeds & medicinal herb plants.

    Good luck buzz, I'll be watching!

    Thanks for the replies on my thread =]
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    Heh, look at this. This happens every afternoon now. The plants have good stalks thankfully. They are getting hammered with wind right now. They get sun all day, except when they are semi shaded by the plastic.

    As always, your thoughts and visits are appreciated! :wave:

    These are some pics I just took to show you how the girls did today their first full day outdoors. And a couple of what is undoubtably going to hit us soon.

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  14. Gee thanks Sativa that means alot.

    They are doing good so I am going to fertilize today with the blood meal. We'll see what that does. I saw a growth spurt on Cassie this morning. She is taller than she was yesterday.

    Here are some pictures of what my bud is going to look like. :laughing: (I wish)

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  15. yeah they sure are beautiful.looks like they do love the outdoors,feels different seeing them outside where they belong its like it just feels right or something lol .but that big plant of yours is the same size as my #1,s 3 weeks old.yup loveing the scenery pics clouds are gourgeous.happy growing D..:wave:
  16. Looks like you will have some bushes soon Buzz :hello:

    I got a feeling yours will get a lot bigger than mine! How many hours of direct sunlight do they get a day? I have to juggle my need for privacy with my allotment of sunlight hours. I think I have a good balance!

    I am enjoying following your grow because we are state buddies. Hopefully the cold doesn't come too early! :D

    Keep me posted! And as everyone says... good luck!

  17. Hey dude I hope things are good with you. Thanks for the nice words and for stopping by. It's good to know they are not especially small. I was wondering if they were. They should start to respond to their first nutrients. I'll take some photos when they do. :D

    This was post #666. Ooooo

  18. They get sun all day long. I'ts good that you can 'juggle' your grow haha. I hear you about the cold, it snows in September sometimes. And with the moisture we've had this year, it could happen as temps haven't been as hot, or should I say as hot yet. You never know what you're going to get here in Colorado.

    I took these and had to share them with GC nature lovers. They are so adorable!

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  19. Jesus :eek: , where the hell do you live ? You're making me jealous .

    I have these deer that hang out around me every day (2 tiny babies and a mom). I sit out back with my dogs and throw old vegies at the deer . It's just cool when you know they're not scared of you .

    Looks like your garden is coming along good . Soon enough you'll be ready for harvest , and that's when the real fun starts . If I were you I would sit right outside in the sun to trim them once you harvest .

    Anyways buzz , I'm going to go outside and get a smoke in before this storm hits . Take it easy and keep the beautiful pictures coming . :wave:

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