buzzwells catnip, water melon and dope growing operation.

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  2. need more lights ASAP growing as i go so dont have money, need temp and ph tester. a table.

    a better tray.( drainagne of future bucket due to scrog.
    I am going to get a swamp cooler of some kind.

    dont know what to do on walls, flat white paint or aliumum tape. they are white now, and the doors have the tape on the inside..

    I need more WATTS
  3. catnip is the future
  4. Emergency blankets! Cheap mylar sheets you can pick up anywhere. I got a pack of 12 from amazon for less than $10 bucks. Tape it up, pull it down, replace it each grow. I also use the under bed storage totes as drain pans, cheaper than hydro trays. Small fans from walmart. Cheap lights from amazon or the la shop.....

    Really though, so far so good.... looks like a happy lil plant!
  5. so I need to update of the successful harvest of my baby \

    will get picks and show a video just have to find a way to upload.

    watermelon had to be moved outside dogs knocked off the fruit

    cat nip was a success fed it all to my moms cat.

    and the MAN NIP had to move houses

    i went a few nights in the cold with out electricity( staying in a condemned house
    and had to move it in to someones bath room and share 250 watts with 2 other little ladys.

    first go, got at least a qp(maybe)

    a little dry in Arizona so its cured already.
    pics soon

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