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  1. My girlfriends chihuahua (rat dog) peed all over me while i was watching where the wild things are. this dog is considered a princess but is the DEVIL!:mad: totally ruined my high:smoke:
  2. Yes, well today I was hotboxing with 8 people today in my house. One of the girls I decide to spark up, well we usually smoke a few black n milds, so she takes a few pulls of the black, and then wouldn't you know 10 minutes later, she throws up all over my floor by my kitchen, and throws up outside out my backyard.

    She's alergic to black n milds I suppose. My buzzkill was cleaning all that mess up and ruining my high.
  3. Ratdog - 1
    You - 0

    Haha I would of cracked the fuck up at you though.. no lie :smoke:
  4. i about geeeeeeeked up

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