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  1. So I was just smoking at a beach and another smoker who we met and were going to smoke with got sold a bag of grass clippings for $200. Put it in a paper bag, guess he didn't check it first. Doesn't effect me but it was a bit the negative vibes killed my buzz. Then I smoked more and it was nice.
  2. Always check the shit. Gutted for him tbh cause I would be steaming.
  3. Yeah, was a rookie mistake
  4. "Awwww shit man dis grass. Like, literally, grass."
  5. Happened to me once. In my stupid days I bought what was said to be 5 pre rolled blunts. I got a pen rolled in a peice of paper. Couldn't check first because I was in a sketchy parking lot. Fuck.
  6. dang that is low. was it at least blue kentucky grass?
  7. Think of how pathetic and unfulfilling a life he must be leading to do something like that. That should be some comfort. It probably isn't any consolation to your friend, though... it's hard to think rationally after being ripped off.

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