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Buzzed and Bored.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Higuys55, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Slightly too buzzed to read my favorite comic... slightly not enough buzzed to be having fun listening to music or something. What should I do, besides smoke more because I don't feel like it?
  2. Video Games or even better smoke more.
    I hate being buzzed because its like Being baked is teasing you. -___-
  3. Jerk off on chat roulette.

  4. omegle if you get blocked.

  5. I jerked off like an hour ago so that's not really an option

  6. Blasphemer...

    Its ALWAYS an option.
  7. That's not even that long ago..

    My record is 28 times in one day.

  8. Youve gotta be kidding...

    thats nucking futs

  9. i can get funky 5-10 mins later for another full round
  10. Alright, you caught me, I was joking.

    It's at least 34.

  11. I feel like you should be reported for this...

  12. watch a movie get warm n sleep ;D

  13. Jerking off is always an option... ALWAYS!!!!!
  14. Smoke more while jerking off. Watch Breaking Bad.
  15. text some girls

  16. What iz a girls?
  17. Smoke more.
    But that's my answer for everything.

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