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Buzz kill?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jquicks92, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. When you put in eye drops does it really kill your buzz or is that a myth?
  2. it does because your thinking about having to be sober
  3. I would say myth. I recently just went through an entire bottle of visine and never noticed using them killing my high once.
  4. for me it is. depends. some people like the feeling.
  5. It doesn't kill my buzz. It might be different for others though. :D
  6. I experience somewhat of a "buzz kill" when i put eye drops in. The only time i do that is if i have to act sober, and that brings me down.
  7. I had to put drops in for the first time last night, it didn't kill my buzz, but having to act sober right after putting them in kinda did.
  8. I guess i missed the memo about "acting" sober after the drops.... :D

    I wasn't aware there was a difference. It's all the same now.
  9. ^^haha crucial point

    "are you high"
    "yes...damn it forgot to act sober"
  10. haha i use eye drops almost everytime I am out in public and get high like in my car or something and thats only if my eyes are obviously messed up. Eye drops dont effect your high at all except that in less than 5 mins your eyes look normal and you are looking sober but that's not the case lol. and its kinda hard to act sober even when you're thinking about trying not to look high because you are high and the Mary J takes over. :smoking: Eye drops = no buzz kill, it's a way of deception that really works.

  11. this^^^
  12. It doesn't kill my buzz at all.
  13. I would say yess. It might not "actually" sober you up, but any time I use clear eyes it seems that my high fades away rather quickly. Really it changes my high. And the worst part about it for me is, that for the rest of the day, any bud I smoke I dont get to the "level" I could get to before I used clear eyes. I can smoke a bowl or a quarter and it's a completely different high for the rest of the day. So thats why you dont need'um. You should be proud that you know how to relax. :smoke:
  14. i would say for some people yes. i had never used eye drops before i smoked, so having to drip water into my eye definitely killed my buzz. now i've done it enough that it doesn't bother me. or i don't do it at all cuz i don't need to.
  15. its all in your head
  16. The real correct answer at last.:hide:
  17. Really guys, its such a minor part of smoking it has no way of affecting your buzz.

    You just put them in and chill, enjoy your high.
    For me, I like the feeling like if I'm watching tv and staring a while, my eyes get real dry. I like how they cool down and "hydrate" my eyes.

    I guess you could say it somewhat adds to my high by allowing me to feel a satisfactory "refreshing" feeling.
  18. Aw man. Its completely different for me. I dread every moment leading up to putting them in. But each to his own I guess. =)
  19. #19 dirtybongwaterr, Jun 9, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 9, 2009

    haaaa. i love it.

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