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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ripped Bob., Sep 25, 2002.

  1. on average:

    -How much weed do you buy when you run out?
    -How much do you spend when you buy?
    -How often do you find yourself buying more?
  2. I'll buy anywhere from a gram to a quad (1/4 ounce)....If I had the money i'd be buyin ounces and all that but the bud over here is real expensive.

    A gram will go for 20-25 bucks, for some real dank ass bud. An 1/8 will go for 50-60 bucks, and 1/2 will go for around 175.

    Sometimes I buy everyday because its so available over here you can just call a bunch of people and have it delivered like pizza or someshit. But if im buyin some fat sacks like a quad or somethin i'll buy every few days.
  3. right now here in the midwest things are so damn taxed. you get poopy commercial for what you would normally pay for some dank. It sucks.

    Normally you can get 1/8 of some commercial for 20-25
    Normally you can get 1/8 of some dank for 35-40

    your commercial oz's run about 90-100 and for some homegrown ur looking about 180 an oz.

    but there is a huge drought on dojo here all the poopy weed is getting taxed like it was the dank..

    i guess what im trying to say is it depends on the time of year.

    i smoke various amounts it depends on the day. some days more than others i never buy less than an oz. i just like getting my moneys worth.
  4. I wish I could find some mids or shwag over here so i'd have weed 24/7 and I wouldnt be fuckin broke all the time..25 bucks for an 1/8 is crazy, i'd be smokin 1/4s every two days man!
  5. Well we're going through a similar drought (XxJWxX, i believe we're from around the same area, i know of the drought your talking about. it sucks) Well lately me and a couple friends decided to just all throw in on larger quantities to get a lower price than just buying each ounce, this has saved us all a fortune like instead of each of us buying an ounce from the same guy at around 130-160 an ounce we will buy a Q. P. and get it for like 80-100 an ounce...Helped us out a lot
  6. You've been smoking too much weed, if that's possible. Don't be paranoid, I am not a police officer (from where I come from a police officer is not allowed to state this), I'm from Australia. I wouldn't worry about me collecting infomation on you guys, I'm just a smoker like the rest of you, albeit new to this site.

    I hate authority, I hate the criminalisation of weed which floods our jails and legal system which clogs it unnecessarily. I'm all for the legalisation of weed.

    I don't know what else I can say to convince you!

    I just wanted to see how much you guys were smoking and how often, thats all.

  7. John Howard is our primeminister, the smug bastard that he is. Alexander Downer is the foreign affairs minster.

    I'm down in Tassie. Don't hate me because I'm inbred.

    No worries on the response, the original post was pretty dodgy, looking back on it.

    Looks like a cool site here.
  8. Well I live in Alaska and the prices here are really steep i mean bad. In Petersburg you can get a gram for 30$ a quarter for 100$ an oz for 250-350 an 1/8 for 50-60 it is crazy. Most people like myself perfer to grow there own plants. I have even got plants to grow outside even in 20* degree weather. We do what we have to do to get weed up here. The most popular thing is vapariser.
  9. lol nah man I didnt say I was havin a drought...Actually bud is flooded over here...Its easier to get then ciggs for sure...Im just sayin that it costs a lot of money and sometimes I dont have the money to pay for my expensive habits ya know what im sayin??? <<<<>>>>><>>>>
  10. Here in Toronto.....we get sucky weed all the time....

    But in the Summer....we got a bunch of Vancouver buds....with resinous orange crsytal filled buds...

    The price is average : 1/8 = CAD $ 45 or US $ 30

    Average ounce ranges from CAD $ 180 - $ 280.

    Aside from that, how do I dry weed that I bought. They are pretty damp and smell too much of foilage. Will it mould if I left it in the baggies?

    Wavy Gravy

  11. Two heads are better than one.

    It's nice down here, the prices are cheep for the weed and houses. :)
  12. I used to buy in 8ths, but since i got a really good paying job last June and managed to keep it, I can afford to pick up like half oz's at a time. I got a 1/2 o of weed the other day and it cost me 25quid! and i picked up an 8th of skunk later that cost 25 quid also....which wld u choose? I chose both.I pick up when ever i fancy smoking. but as i've just started the first year of my a levels they're throbbing me out and being constantly stoned is the only way i survive it, coz it's fucking shit and full of 16 year old townie pricks, which cld bring me to a funny sotry sexcept i'm beginning to ramble coz i'm a bit blazed at the moment. But some times i dont pick up for weeks.

    U can buy green by the g? never heard of that over here. the smallest they'll do is a 10 draw (a 16th) and will, subsequently, cost u a tenner.
  13. can a few of you guys who are gettin 1/8s for $25 or less post some close up pics of the weed your getting?? Im guessing its shwag (keep in mind, shwag is not a bad thing, weed is weed, so fuck it)....But how much would you guys pay for an 1/8 of some real chronic.?

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