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  1. ok im a small time smoker who wants to go get seriously wasted with friends.
    how much would all of you expect for $100 (dont say in oz i cant judge say in bag size)

    would u say thats enough for two "expierenced" smoker me and one who never smoked for two days straight.
    (not acualy straight but keeping a buzz and subtract lots of sleeping.)


    alright just thought how much of one of those ziploc gallon bags would i fill ??????????

    i live NC and get weed no prob
  2. Yeah, you should get pretty stoned, but I don't know where your gonna get a $100 bag.
  3. what do you mean about bag size man? how do you want me to tell you? in doobies or what??? 100 bucks will get you an ounce of mids here :D
  4. ok im going camping with all this shit and lost of beer and gonna get so messed up so tell in zip loc bag size
  5. It kind of depends on where you live and how much it takes you to get stoned.
  6. All weed is different, some is fluffy, some is compressed. You simply can't do it this way. I had a half once that took up half of a sandwich bag and puffed out the sides pretty good, while my friend had a half that was one nug about the size of your palm. Go get a cheap scale, they are only a couple bucks and will get the job done.

    Have fun camping. The bud is always best when smoked outdoors under the sun with good friends :)
  7. were im from its 90 bucks a pound for midis amd 100 bucks a pound for dank... u should be getin about a pound
  8. wow! Are you in the states herbal garden??? Where I'm from, not only would you have to be a direct descendant of Bob Marely, but you would have to be buying one or two U-haul's worth to get that kind of price.
  9. my bad... i ment ounce
  10. k this is a thought that one of my freinds and i were talking about a while ago i just remembered it well ya know how hot boxing in a car if u smoke enough the thc ya can just breath in....? well we was thinking that if u smoke and take big hits then each person has a balloon and ya blow the smoke into the balloon and like plop a paper clip on the edge of the balloon then a bit later come back and smoke the rest if it would work cause i personally think it would be better then hot boxing and ya would save some pot cause ya might be able to get high off the balloon smoke?????
  11. shit, 225 I can buy a QP, 100 buck will get 2 Oz
  12. u guys got the deals or what down here is like 100$ for a half oz and like 200$ for an oz sometimes more if the buds r good and the buds r always good here usally always dro and outdoor
  14. where u from not ur location dont want make u think im a nark or nothing but what country u from fuck its crazy here for tha bud u gettinjg the mac deals
  15. you have got to be kidding.... this must be some kind of a joke....
  16. i live in a small part of canada and its expensive for any type of drug that why i grow all my own shit now weed and shroom fuck the crazy price's
  17. I'm from UMass Amherst. Here we pay a hefty $40 for some hq buds. There aren't many cheaper deals around.

    I envy anyone who can buy an oz for $100

    I spent over a grand on weed in one month... Now I have no money left :(

    QPs for $225???

    I'd be happy to pay $600 around here.

    Sooooooo jealous

    It's so difficult to be a poor stoner where I live.

    If there are any people in the area who know of better deals... HOOK ME UP!!

    I would be your best friend... seriously.
  18. Heres one for y'all,
    Over here an oz of hash would cost ya 100euro(discount for buying a whole oz),half oz is 60, quarter is 30,
    weed is hard to come by here so its like 200euro for an oz of "thai-weed" which is realistically only a half oz if not less
    and 100 euro for an oz of absolute crappy stuff,(a mix of stem, leaves,seeds and shit and its probably male too)
  19. Originally posted by punkyworld

    shit, 225 I can buy a QP, 100 buck will get 2 Oz

    u must be buyin swag or somethin, cause even if u do know people u cant buy good weed for that price
  20. I'm in Texas and I was getting an oz. of above average mids for $80. Unfortunately that connect flaked out on me, so the last time I scored I payed $25 for a quarter oz. of total bullshit that wouldn't even get me high, and had been pinched.

    Why pinch a bag of weed that doesn't get you high?

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