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  1. Has anyone ever bought something in the grasscity store with a virtual credit card? I purchased one recenntely and I can't seem to be able to buy anything.
    It says Transaction not permitted on card.

  2. You might have to activate it before buying things online. Some cards also require a minimum balance before making online transactions.

    Who was the card issued by?

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  3. I bought it from a site:
    it's mastercard and there should be 115usd on it, what they sent me was the card number expiration date and cvc code. I just contacted them on skype and asked them if there was actually a name attached to the card. Because when I couldn' complete the order grasscity said the billing information might be wrong.
    So i asked them to attach my name and adress to the card, hopefully that'll solve it.
    thanks for your response
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    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 11, 2014 Are you sure they're not scamming you? I did a little bit of research and found that the website is only 9 months old and it seems to be incredibly slow. It's also very poorly put together, and I haven't found a single off site review of it.

    I know it says paypal, but anyone can create a domain with whatever pseudonym they want. What's making me uneasy is that it would make more sense for paypal to add this feature to their already established domain by using "" instead of the former.

    I'm not saying you got ripped off because I have no experience with them, but it seems rather fishy to me :\\

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    that's what I thought after I purchased it, was looking for a vcc for a long time and when I found the site I just rushed into it. But I did receive "a" vcc so I hope it's legit
    I'm getting support from the site I bought it from trough skype aswell:


    </div>me: I just tried purchasing something, it said transaction is not permitted‏
    i assume the billing details are wrong, is there a name on the card?‏


    We can register a name, a billing address and a telephone number for you. What name address and phone number do you want to use?

    ok, ........................................................
    <div>sorry, i cannot register that address. we can only register a US address.‏

    </div> <div> 
    what website are you trying to make a purchase from?‏
    <div>what is the error message?‏

    I can see that your card is unused, and still has $... in it.

    So i'm actually getting support which is nice. I'll ask him to set a us billing adress on it because I can still choose a different shipping address. I hope that solves it

  6. I hope it works out for you, man. I really hope it does...

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  7. If it is from PayPal I don't think it will work for drug related purchases at least the original PayPal site did not.

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  8. I use PayPal for my Attitude seed purchases all the time.
  9. Must of changed then but then again I don't remember when I last used pp.

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