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Buying weight and making sure not to get screwed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Joedahoe, May 6, 2011.

  1. So I picked up some shit with a friend for him. He was buying an eighth and was getting it weighted at a the dealers
    House. It weighed 3.9 and the dealer says "no big deal, $50" and I'm like "wait you mind if i check it out?" he says no prob. I look at it and it has a couple of stems and seeds so I'm like bro this shit has skirts stems and shit and he goes " oh my bad and readjusts it.
    After we left my friends like " bro that shit wasn't cool it was fuckin embarrassing and he left"

    Is it just me or did I do him a favor?
    Or when you guys pick up do you not care about seeds and stems in your herb?
  2. His bag, I shut up...My bag, I raise hell and don't give a fuck.
  3. If you're buying in small amounts like grams or eighths, it's not at all out of the question to ask for big ass stems to be removed and for the bud to be reweighed and a bit bud added to your purchase to compensate. Sometimes you get that bud that looks nice, but when you bust a mini-nug off the side, you see a huge stem sitting right in the middle.

    Oh, and if your friend is bitching about you helping him out, whatever. Don't speak up for him anymore, let him get less bud for his money.
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    dick move on your part.. he gave you .4 extra to even begin with. i dont nickle and dime it anymore but i would have laughed at you, handed you back your cash and left....

    the people who get my weight these days are people i've known for years. but still like clockwork, and just so the business is always straight, it goes, on my scale... then on there scale. then the cash is handed over (unless the money transaction happens another way) and the deal is done, handshake, and roll a blunt :)

    Discussion of Drug Trafficking is Not Allowed!!! **unoit**
  5. was it mids? cause 50 for an 8th of mids is crazy overpriced..i hope u got some dank but dank with seeds? :eek: get a better connect
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    Well my connec never pulls that we've known each other a long time. I was tryna help him out the dealer seemed fine about it. But after the stems were taken out it reweighed 2.8 without him adding to even out to 3.5
  7. i tend not to buy stemmy or seedy weed
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    Yeah he was buying some lemonade
  9. sounds like a gyp but even so when buying lower quality that has stems and seed expect there to be stems and seeds lol that its like when i would pick up a QP of shwag way back after taking out all the seeds and stems and shit you would lose like 5 grams but did i hit the dealer up and go hey i had a bunch of seeds and stems hook me some more bud.. lol no bro i lived with it he bought it like that and so am i, now get some chron and you wont have probs like this lol but good luck with bud bro

  10. exactly. basically if your not buying premo shit, dont expect it to be sensimilla, and ALL weed has stems, its just part of the plant..

    the diff between premo, and hi mids, is ALL cure/dry/trim job..and genetics, but trust me, there's NOT alot of people out there growing who have been growing long enough to develop there own good genetics/stable strains.. most of the pot on the streets is newish growers, buying good seeds and actually doing a decent job growing, or people buying clones, and letting them finish out..
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    I guess both of you are right I'm just used to dealing with good experienced growers who sold dank with little to no stems or seeds and it was always DANK. But my friends dealer can't cure or trim his shot properly mine can, I guess I just won't deal with his connec anymore.
  12. Not to go off topic, but the OP mentions paying 50$ for 3.9(grams I assume)... I have been buying weed from a coworker and don't know whether she is dealing me fairly or not. I'm pretty sure she is, but I'd like an opinion.

    She sells me 7grams of mids for 60$... is this about right? Around 10$ a gram for mids? I have never bought from anyone else... new to this whole thing. :p
  13. I hear if there was a shitload of stems and beans but if there was only a few then shut the fuck uppp. I used to push and people would specifically ask me more huge buds and then bitch about the stem.. what do people think the buds attached too :confused: Plus you said it went from 3.8 to 2.7 after he took the stems out.. that must have been a CRAZY amount of stems inside an eighth.. have you weighed out a stem before? A gram of stem is a lot of stem.
  14. #14 Joedahoe, May 6, 2011
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    I'm sayin though! It was a shit load of stems bro. Like OD.
  15. If it was like a bag of bud with a couple stems that look like they were thrown in there then fuck ya I'd say something. It's obvious they're just adding weight when they do that, but if the buds were connected to it then thats a different story. But 2.7 after taking the stems out, yeah I'd be pist gettin jipped a gram out of my 8th.. especially for $50 : o

    It's a good thing you said something about it, the dealer will know youre not one to be jipped and prob wont try it again. And as for your friend.. well what a douche :p lol
  16. #16 Joedahoe, May 6, 2011
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    Yeah I got a connec that's got some gods gift guessing won't be tellin him about that shit XD

  17. for real, good, mids, 10/G is about right on the money.... schwag (worse than reg mids) like 5 bucks a g.... for the premo shit, 20/g.. that's the norm...
  18. I think she might be adding in a little "middle-man's interest" to be honest man. I can get a quarter of mids (7 grams) for $35 here (Ohio). Eighth of dank for $50. $10 a gram for mids is way too high to me bro.

    Prices vary from area to area so I can't know for sure.
  19. I'm wondering if it's just the us that u pay extra because here in Australia I pay 25 for an 1/8 an 90% of the time it's atleast 2 grams extra bud in there and it's primo bud like a small bowl will get u pretty stoned. Must just be more availible here or something? Let me know in just curious
  20. the guy shouldn't of packed a shitty sack. It's the dealers fault he packed a shitty bag, so its then the dealers issue to correct the problem or don't take the money.

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