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Buying weed off friends

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Long White Cloud, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Lately when turning up at my mates one of the bros might have an ounce. Usually we would be sussing something together, I.e go halves or one buys and you return the favour at some point. I don't know what to do when I turn up and I'm offered a tinny ($20) from the people I'm going to smoke it with anyway. If I had an ounce I'd just chop up a big sesh. But it becomes awkward, it's like, if the bro has a tinny he will just smoke it with everyone, but once he has an ounce he offers you to buy one instead of just sharing. It seems fucked to buy a tinny off someone then smoke it with them. What are your thoughts people? Am I overthinking this?
  2. I'm high as fuck and this tinny talk confused the he'll out of me...
  3. Rad
  4. Yo no clue what some of this sht means lol but anyways, I think theyre selling u a g so u can chill with it at home, and even if you guys r homies its kinda fucked up to just smoke all their bud like that, so they just sell u a little so they arent blowing away as much
  5. Yeah, if he's not hooking you up then you probably shouldn't smoke it with him; unless he is smoking you up as well.
  6. Here's the thing: weed costs money, & ounces require a large sum of money that most people wouldn't be down to throw down. It sounds like he's matching whatever you buy, so I see no problem wht this situation. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. Almost as rad as your tinny ppl seriously talk like that..?!
  8. Seems as if he wants you to contribute funds towards what you're smoking, which makes sense.
    You could always buy an eighth from him and be like "i'll contribute some of this but most of it is for home use" or buy a tinny the next time you smoke and use half of it or just throw him 5 the next time you guys smoke.  It may be cheaper for him to buy the ounce, but it still costs him money to do so.
    Sometimes, yeah, he may smoke you up with a tinny but he probably only does so every now and then when he can afford it.  It's easy to nonstop smoke with a bunch of people when you have an ounce, but he just wants other people to contribute.  You also don't have to buy his weed before you smoke, you can buy other weed and bring it with you when you smoke.  
  9. either don't smoke it with him or if you do, just throw him 10 or something cuz he smoked some of it
  10. Are you from NZ OP?
    When you buy the tinny, do you smoke it all or take some of it home?

    But yea, bro with ounce should be smoking you out if you are buying a tinny off him
  11. Okay, I gotta get this off my chest...
    What the fuck is a tinny? Like weed in a tin? A tiny amount?
  12. I thought a tinny was 10 quid worth of weed. Which is about a gram usually? Dont know why anyone strays from gram eighth quarter and ounceSent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. Yeah that's kind of dumb. When ever a my friends gets an ounce and were over, we smoke free. Someone who is stengy with a whole oz and makes you pay to smoke it right there with them isn't a friend in my book. As long as you put in on something for the sesh like blunt wraps, a lighter, snacks or food for us later, you will NEVER pay in my group. Even if you don't put in you can smoke for free.Now if I wanna take a gram home for myself, I don't mind paying if they ask me to. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  14. nobody likes moochers man sure you might smoke them up once in a while but still its there bud. me and my friends always match no matter what and if you don't have any then you throw down some cash for it or at least buy some food.

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