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buying weed off craigslist

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skater420man, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. ok so you here people buy weed off craigslist and ebay but how? how do you do it is what im asking. like what do you look for can some one show me or explain to me what i missing.

    also im not trying to buy weed offline just wanted to no.:hello:
  2. Have fun getting narc'd.
  3. STAY AWAY FROM CRAIGSLIST. Take the idea out of your mind haha
  4. stay in school, then buy weed off craigslist.
  5. Don't............wayyy to sketchy.
  6. i just looked and its hella sketchy fuck that shit lol
  7. I would never buy off craiglist the dealer might try to rape you and plus that's probably DEA trap all over you lol
  8. Either way it's rape!
  9. [quote name="BluntCruisin" post="11072015" timestamp="1308862614"]Don't............wayyy to sketchy.[/quote] agreed.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscit
  10. *hear    *know
    also, no one is answering the question. The way people do it is they use code words such as "420" "green" "kush" "chronic" "medicine" etc.
  11. FS : 1 ounce of dat good stuff
    come alone to the alley by ?? st and ??? ave.  and i'll hook ya uuuuuup :smoke:


  12. cops aren't usually looking for individual users. they want the source, again usually.
    agree to meet in a public place, avoid unusual areas or someone's home.
    show up early - an hour to half, if getting weed off craigslist is really worth it, then so is not getting a charge for it.
    if it seems sketch at all, whether it be the situation or the person - you never have to agree to a purchase, bail if needed.
    always ask to see the product first, don't be the sucker to take a completely black bag home to find out it's oregano. 
  13. Its not that sketchy if you get it from reputable medical growers.

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