Buying weed in school

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  1. I've never bought weed in school so im pretty nervous. Share your stories about buying weed successfully or getting caught.

    Do I have to worry that much about getting caught???
  2. jesus kid keep the 2 apart or ul soon learn the hard way:confused:sometimes i wonder..
  3. I've done it a few times in school right under cameras too. If worst comes to worst and you get sent to the office, stash it in the space between your boxers and jeans and say that you gave the kid a dollar for a piece of gum. However, two kids did get caught selling/buying a couple months back in my school. I have no idea how they got caught but they were arrested and I haven't seen them around since then.
  4. MY first time i was parniod as fuck.MOst of the time i pick up after school.
  5. I've bought weed in school a number of times, but most of the dealers were in my class, all the camera's at my school are in the hallways, it was all good
  6. Just wait until you are out of school?

    I don't see the reason of needing weed IN school.
  7. Grr, you know what? I bought weed, at times, weekly in high school. In hindsight I shouldn't have done it that much, and by my senior years I was buying outside of school, but I honestly never got caught just going to the washroom with a dealer and going it there. It would have been very, very easy for me to have been, though.
  8. if you get busted you wont be smoking any weed, so id avoid it. if you must though, do it in the bathroom or something.
  9. if they catch u selling ull prob be least at my school.
    if they catch u w/ weed then ur fucked (prob put on dirversion and drug tested and suspended)
    but other than that its reletvely safe... just as long as the school has nothing to associate u w/ drugs and make sure ppl dont say ur name.
    i used to bring weed almost everyday to school (most of the times by accident) haha id forget where i put it and shit and id always have like .5g-1g in my pocket :D
  10. i never got caught once, or got overly sketched out by it. the majority of the time i bought weed, i bought it at school.
  11. Buy it at a spot near your school. I normally buy on a street corner with alot of stoners around it so it's hard to see the transaction. I did buy once in the gym in the bleachers. It tripped me out because it was right infront of the camera but I don't think it saw the weed. Just buy either close by off campus or in the bathroom. You should be able to use your judgement on whether or not the spot you're at is good.
  12. The only reason you could get busted in school is if someone snitches.
    So don't sit in class saying "OH IM GONNA BUY SOME WEED IN THE BATHROOM AT 3:30" or something cause someone who doesnt like you will snitch you out to crimestoppers. or at least thats how it was at my highschool they even gave the snitches money if the person got busted with drugs.

    Anyways just try to do it after school so your not walking around with a bag of weed in your pants

    But if you lay low you should be good.

    goodluck and let us know how it goes
  13. just don't buy weed in school
  14. ha man how old you is?
  15. I bought a lot of weed in school. Me and my dealer were in 2 of the same classes and we'd be exchanging "stuff" all semester. Sometimes right behind the teacher when they were talking to a kid in front of us. We never got caught, but sometimes it was very obvious that we were doing a deal and it just turned out the teacher wasn't paying attention.
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    ive passed on quarter bags in school in the classroom before

    one tip, dont do it outside, almost all schools have cameras there

    just sit in the back, make sure the teachers on the cpu and the kids around you are cool(most kids are, but there are those straight edge kids), open your bookbag, put it next to is open bookbag, and transfer it when noones looking

    also, dont tell anyone or talk to anyone about it, and most importantly, ACT CALM!

    this friday i was passed my pipe and lighter and weed in the middle of school school by an obvious beginner because i was sent to the office(i yelled "fuck you!" loudly to some kid in my classroom, right in front of the teacher lol), and he was looking around, trying to do it all fast like, and bug eyed, and he stuffed it into my pocket

    if anything, you can hollow out a book and use it as a pot moving device and even pass it off right in front of your teacher
  17. ive never done it, never will.
    my school runs dogs through on random days
  18. Seriously Do it after school
    out of school
    across the street
    anywhere but in school
    Seriously its not worth it you can get fucked.
    A friend of mine was kicked out of school for 3 month just for being Under the influence

  19. wow

    my school is so naive, someone could set up a fucking moonshine distillery in the bathroom
  20. I agree with all the posts suggesting you do it before or after school off campus, but if you absolutely HAVE to get it during school, there's a few things you can do.

    Have the person come to your locker between classes and pull off the switch in the following way:
    -Have the money placed on the shelf in your locker
    -Have him bring the weed into a small box or container of some kind, like an empty bag of chips, pringles can, or something similar
    -When he's standing at your locker, open it up and have him put the bag inside your locker. He should then stealthily take the money

    Arrange to meet in the bathroom at a specific time.

    It's generally a good idea for him to put the weed in a container that you can't see in, something commonly found in schools like an empty box of pencils or bag of chips is a good idea. You can do this with the money too if you want for extra security. This way, if anybody sees the exchange, it looks less shady and more natural.

    Good luck.

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