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Buying weed in joint form?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Fumo.Bevo, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. I was just wondering if any other blades had ever run into this.

    this only happened to me once, and it was the first time i ever purchased weed, about a year ago. the guy sold it to me, unground but rolled into half-gram joints. i guess i didn't really think anything of it at the time of purchase (i was a little drunk too) but it seems so absurd to me now. i would never pick up without being able to see the product first. this guy just sold me the joints and i took off with them. when i later asked him why, he said that it was for legal purposes. he said if he got caught with a ton of joints, they wouldn't give him a distribution charge.

    anyone ever seen/heard of this?
  2. I guess it makes sense.. but I really wouldnt trust a random stranger...
  3. I've heard of it, never bought em except from friends, but $5 a j is what i've seen them for.
  4. yea if it was your first time buying from him I would rip the joints open and inspect the weed then only if it is of decent quality re-roll it and smoke :smoke:
  5. yeah i only bought from him that once. he was a friend of a friend. i didn't even think to look at the stuff at the time.

  6. I've heard of it, but I wouldn't reccomend it.
  7. man id laugh my ass off if someone tryed this shit

    thats like eating candy thats been opened on halloween

    your just an idiot if you do
  8. i sometimes buy pre-rolled joints at the club i buy i at
    but seriously, like everyone's saying. check the js if you're unsure
  9. I'm pretty sure having pre-rolled joints actually qualifies as intent to sell. It's the same as having 7 bags with one gram each versus a quarter in a single bag...the former is intent to sell, the latter is UPM.
  10. I dont do it unless i know the guy well and trust him...i mainly use a bowl though.
  11. ya thats mad sketchy someone doing that..chances are they are ripping you off in weight and it could be a mix or maybe not even marijuana at all who knows..i wouldnt do it bad news
  12. makes sense for him but people around my area would be packing that shit with oregeno.
  13. I've only bought one once, because it smelled amazing(off a friend's borther)... Turned out to be very worth it

    However, I'd never recommend it, I like being able to see the bud I'm gonna smoke.
  14. When you looked at it later, how was the quality of the bud?
  15. Problem with buying prerolled, they could put a half and half in, or oregano, or laced shit, or ripping you off in weight, or or or...etc

  16. it actually was quite good, luckily, but i would never do that again. like i said it was my first time buying. i've picked up pleeeeenty since then.:smoke:
  17. Ask yourself this:

    Who would go through the time of rolling an ounce into 56 half gram joints if it werent because they'd make more money selling it that way?

    I've seen it done twice, and both times it was a crappy dealer trying to hide how bad his weed was.
  18. That brings back memories, though...I was 14 and asked a friend (that I had gone to school with since elementary) to get me something. All I had was my $5 for lunch money and he brought me a fat joint the next day- which I then rolled three tiny ones from and shared with a couple of friends at a sleepover party. We were so high!
    I wonder what ever happened to those guys....:wave:

    Haven't bought anything 'pre-rolled' since then's been 15 years. I DID get ripped off in downtown Atlanta at a Greyhound Station once, but I was just stupid for trying to get something there live, you learn...;)
  19. i see people selling pre rolled joints at parties often. you usually get skimped on the weed for 5 bucks, but what youre paying for it the convenience of being able to buy at the party.
  20. When I was 14 I bought a pre rolled blunt, first time I ever smoked a blunt.

    Never again have I gotten anything pre-rolled.


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