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Buying Weed In Denver

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by galo doido, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Hi, i'm from outside the US and I'm going to Denver on vacation later this year, so I was wondering if it is legal for foreigners to buy weed in Colorado.
    Thank you very much

  2. Well technically. Its legal to buy weed from the regulated maket which you wont be able to do until january 2014. Untill then, buying from a person is illegal. Although you can get away with calling it a "donation", then it would be legal.
  3. I'm going to Denver this year, so I won't be able to buy legally? What is my best option then? Craigslist? Is there a part of town where it is easier to find someone selling?
    thank you
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    If you're from out of town, the prices on craigslist will not bother you...... go health and beauty section and type in 64 as a search term.....

    You only got 2 posts homie and just joined today...... I won't be able to help ya.... Trust issues.
  5. Sheeeeeet, I'll be in Denver this summer and was wondering the same thing
  6. I'm from Brazil, thats why I had never participated on this forum. I understand the trust issues, I didn't expect a phone or anything like that, I just asked where I could find it. Thank you for your suggestion, it will help a lot.
    btw, in Brazil we pay $1-$2/g, but the weed is shit. so the prices will probably scare me but I hope the quality will make up for it :)
  7. the quality is hit and miss far as I'm concerned, stick around a bit and let folk get to know you.....
    and while you're at it, tear up a couple bars of diamante negro for me.... I ain't seen that shit since the cantina I used to chill at in Texas....
  8. I doubt the quality can be worse than what we get here...
    it's very hard to buy buds here, we only get "prensado", pressed weed with seeds, leaves, etc.
    like this:
    diamante negro in Texas, how odd, lol
  9. I lived directly next door to a cantina that had Portuguese lessons and everything..... they'd fill the WHOLE yard and stretch out a movie theater size screen for EVERY futball match with brazil in it.... Great people, every damn one.....
    And looking at THAT.... you'll love the quality here.....
    I'm not being a dick or nothin, don't take it bad, but that looks kinda like a turd..... If I got that here.... I'd wanna beat someone up LOL. If you meet up with somebody decent, you're lookin at about 20-25 for 3.5g..... probably double that if you went off craigslist... I see 200$ ounces all day long.... (thats an "I don't know you" price) When do you plan on your trip?
  10. yeah, it looks like shit, I know. :( I would rather pay more and get some good stuff, but unfortunately it is really hard to find good stuff here. $20-25 for 3.5g is not bad.
    I'm going to Denver on the end of October, to watch the Broncos x Redskins game, try some microbews and hopefully ski. I went to Denver 15 years ago, that's how I became a Broncos fan, but I don't remember anything about the city.
  11. I'd suggest sticking around a bit and letting folk get to know you better. Lot of time between now and oct. Just remember, asking for hookups of any kind are considered a no-no around here....
    I'd probably be willing to at the least put something in the air with you when you get here, If I get to know you better.
    As far as public sales, they won't be legal until 2014 sometime. the "donations for gifts" thing is still pretty sketchy around here.... kind of a grey area of the law as it sits. They still have to hammer those details out legally....
    Join some threads... talk to some folk, I generally stick to the organics section, but there are a few "grow journals" I pop in to from time to time..... I forget there's a "I'm not growing" section of this site for general bullshitting sometimes....LOL
    But stick around for sure, there's a pretty decent community here.
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    Aight, This is what you should do. There are people on craigslist who will sell you giftcards for about $10 each then each giftcard you get a gram. Its beats the system and I done it before. But you gonna get STONED because that brick schwag would probably just buzz you after you had our high grade stuff. And if you gonna be visiting Rifle, Colorado. Stop by and see me  :ey:  :smoke:  Edit: Btw just type the keywords "weed" "Marijuana" "mary-jane" "Cannabis" Trust me 64 don't work. And try to look for the gift exchanges. If things go fast you may even be able to go to a Canna-club. Trust me we got Cali grade bud here.
  13. And yeah if you get that shitty weed I would just grow...
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    So exactly what doesn't work? I'd go with mmj before "weed"......
    Then again, I'm over 30
    Yeah, that's the other reason I joined this forum, I'm sick of this shitty weed and I want to start growing. The only problem is that I live in an apartment so there isn't a lot of space, but I'm reading about micro-grows and stuff like that.
    The difference between the buzz you get from the "prensado" and good stuff is HUGE. When I can get some buds here, usually from friends that grow, I only need like half the ammount I'm used to smoking to get wasted.
    Thanks for all the tips guys
  16. I searched for 64 and got A LOT of results too
  17. I live right outside Denver and before I got my card I just went to parks. There is always someone that doesnt mind sharing. People are cool here and just don't care.

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  18. Just go to Boulder if you really want some they are a gigantic weed community. Yeah but with 64 you gonna have to search forever. Just type weed or marijuana. Plus for the craigslist "MMJ" they are not really mmj or if they are its just an ad. Just type in weed.
    yeah boulder has great weed and it's pretty easy to find a good hookup, people are pretty chill about it.

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