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  1. How do you guys buy your weed? I remember in high school when i used to buy dime bags and soon i would run through that shit in like 2 days. and now I usually buy like half an ounce or maybe just like a nugget... how do you guys buy your weed and why?
  2. Half ounces. It's a good amount and lasts me a month.
  3. I pick up a Half O every 1- 1 1/2 weeks. In High School I used to pick up like an 8th a week.
  4. I always bought dubs off of friends on a daily basis. Now I've started buying half an O and that lasts me 1-3 weeks. Much more convenient and you don't have to deal with dealers as often.
  5. I usually buy by the O or half O
  6. usually buy an 8th, doesnt last me long but i dont get paid enough to buy more and pay off whatever else i need (car payments, shit like that).
  7. i face an 8ball per sesh.

    and i dont buy in bulk cause i like buying from different people to always be switching it up to try something different :D
  8. how much for your half ounces? For some danks around my area, around 90 bucks give or take for half ounce and around 170 for some nice wet danks ounces. your areas?
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    Super dank Half O's $100-110. Super dank O's $170-180.

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