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Buying weed in a headshop

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by metal420, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Have any of you ever done this? This past weekend, I was in a headshop in NY and some guy just says right in front of the cashier if I want to buy some bud, and me and my friends were like lets go outside and we negotiated and bought some daaaank. Has anything like this ever happened to you guys? Particularly in NY, because its the shit.
  2. Never that blatently.

    I don't normally buy off of street dealers, though.
  3. an old friend/connect of mine pushes white widow out of his headshop in the city. Havent seen him in a while, maybe ill swing by there this weekend.
  4. In the US? No.. Never happened, and I dont want it to happen. I dont want the poor guy to ask the wrong person if they want bud.. Then end up getting arrested and the shop closed for good.

    Even in Canada, when I was there, No one ever asked me to buy bud in any of the headshops.. Although, one time, I talked to the person inside of my favourite headshop* there.. And she wanted to smoke.. So I told her 'Be righttt back!' went to a street dealer.. Bought like.. I think it was 3 grams... went back, she grabbed a blunt wrap and we smoked right there in front of the store. :p

    *For their sake I'm not naming the headshop.
  5. I'v sold to the owner of a headshop...
  6. Where in NY? Upstate or the city? My headshop guy has talked to me about needin to get high and stuff... but ive never bought in a head shop, shit ive never even gone to a street dealer. But i smoke weed with a whole lotta my friends parents...
  7. Man, I'd be scared to buy from some random guy I met in a headshop. That's how a lot of Lifetime movies start out. It would be bad-ass to have somebody just come out and ask if you wanted some dank though..never happened to me. Only invites to smoke, not to have.
  8. Gives cops that much more reason to ban headshops.
  9. Yo are you talking about in Montreal because i was in Canada last summer, and I was able to get some crazy good buds from a shop called Cloud 9. I was high every second i was there, plus awesome bars and clubs made my whole canadian experiece exceptional.
  10. no, its in manhattan, not canada.
  11. LMAO.

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