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Buying weed for the first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sice, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. First of all i just want to thank everyone for their time.
    Ok so this is my first time buying weed from a dealer and I had a couple of questions. I got the guys number from a friend of a friend and he said that the dealer was a legit guy and not shady or anything so I'm not too worried about him. I just don't know the proper etiquette for the transaction. Let's say he wants to meet in a parking lot somewhere. Will he tell me what his car looks like and I just find it and get in?
    Also would the dealer prefer if I call or text him?
    I'll post more questions if I have anyone but thanks to anyone who can help me out in advanced.

  2. I would text him but calling cuts out the inevitable part where your dealer drops off the radar for a few hours, but it's your choice really. The key is to be casual and quick, they don't want to linger any longer than you. Just meet them, confirm that they're the right person, make the transaction and leave, simple as that.
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    Call him.  Tell him your a friend of _____'s.  He may give your friend a quick call to verify. 
    Does he deliver?  If he does, go for that.  If he wants to meet up in a parking lot or something, just get in his car.  No need to act shady, everybody is too busy with their own shit to watch you.  Act like you know what you're doing, too.  If a dealer knows you're inexperienced, he may try and take advantage of this.   The whole process should take about thirty seconds.  Get in and out quickly.
  4. If he does deliver, he may charge extra. My first time was the same situation. Friend of a friend that gave me a number. I texted him, told him that so and so pointed me in his direction, and that I was interested. We discussed details, met, got in his car, a quick weigh and hand shake later I'm back in my car. Easy as that. Just remember to stay on your toes, stay calm, and be polite.
  5. Tell him how to regocnize you, so he can find you. Alot of dealers dont want u to know what car they drive in case u are a cop.
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    Yeah it should be a quick transaction, no more than a minute. And make sure you're not getting ripped off... Look for seeds and stems, if there's lots of em, he's jipping you. Also you should bring a portable scale to make sure he's not shorting of you of you're herb.
  7. Oh yes  dont be rushed, meet in a safe place and instepct your product before you hand over money. Show the money so he knows ur not a robber but dont get scammed and buy grass clippings.
    Do not listen to this person. Do not carry a scale if you are not selling nor have a medical card. You could easily be charged with intent to deliver if caught with a scale and bud. Find a dealer with a scale. I know every one of my dealers carrys a scale.
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    A friend of a friend deals. We have a rule, if u do not hit the bowl thy does not sell to you. Simple as that
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    Well that's your opinion, it's his choice what he does. I'm just giving him a helping hand from my experience. I've been shorted before, and I don't want that to happen to him, ESPECIALLY, a new buyer.
  11. Id only really be worried about a bringing a scale if i WAs buying bulk. otherwise I wouldnt bother and just wait till u get home to scale it up.
    Scales can be risky if u get caught.
    Would you rather run the risk of a felony charge or a couple less grams of weed? You tell me. I hear you though. Im not criticizing u personally I just don't want the guy to trouble himself
    He'd probably prefer it if you call him, but it most likely wont matter if he isn't "shady". If this is your first time buying from him you should get a dime (weighs out to 0.5 grams, more then enough to get high with multiple people and it's probably the least amount he's going to give you).
    Whenever I buy from anyone I make sure they show it to me before I hand them anything. Learn how to measure herbs with your eyes its a great skill if you're planning on buying again in the future.
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    Depends on the amount. I seriously doubt a court is going to hit you distribution for having an eighth and a scale on you. A cop might charge you with distribution if he's being a dick but it won't hold up. Having a scale does not mean someone is selling weed.

    Just call the dude. He'll let you know the details.....
  15. If you text, don't say anything that will make him feel edgy. ''Can i buy some illegal marijuana please, good sir?''.
    Just say something like 'Hiya mate. My name's (Insert name here) and i was told by (Insert friends name here) that you could sort me out? Cheers.''
    If no answer, call him. Some people don't like texting about this. 
    If it's light then get into the car. If it's dark then just meet him at his window and he'll let you know if he wants you to come in or not.
  16. Bringing a scale to a first time meet with a new dealer screams of mistrust and won't score you any points. Buy an amount you're used to seeing in a baggie and give it the old hairy eyeball test and you'll be golden.
  17. dealers are people too you know, treat them like you would a friend, and respect their time. 
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    Alright so I went and got it.
    Can someone tell me if I got a fair price? Paid $50. It weighs exactly 3.4

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  19. How did you go about doing it? Call, text?
    Ive always texted new dealers and had someone else with me the first time buying from them.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.

    Went with texting.

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