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Discussion in 'General' started by chris was here, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. the last couple of days when i've run to the store for a dutch, i've been asked almost everytime i've gone by a couple kids standing outside if i will buy them cigarettes or a cigar. everytime i've wanted to but i always say no because its a huge fine in NYS. i always feel really bad, am i a bad person or do a lot of you guys say no?
  2. I wouldnt feel bad in the sense of morally wrong, Unless they were really a kid, If they're ya know 16-17 lookin shit theres dudes 18+ without a card so they cant buy. Id more then likely help em out because id want to be helped out as a kid.

    But theres the legal aspect.

    Cops are fucked up these days.

    Ol gas station i went to when i was a minor, Take note no gas stations in michigan sell any kind of alcohol as far as i know.

    Well they sold underage, And sold liqour, And ive bought a bag or two there...

    But they got fucked by some undo kid workin for the po's as a snitch and bye bye gas station. All the kids were bummed haha. Only place that charged .25 cents a newport, Which is basically price for a pack. (20 X .25 = $5.00)

    (Oh yeah, This belongs in General.)
  3. i say no way. :p:smoke::hello:
  4. idk i would do it just cuz i like being nice to people. and if you really think about it what are the chances you will get caught if you are safe about it?
  5. I would, I always used to ask people to buy me blunts until I went somewhere where they didn't card me
  6. I haven't been asked by a kid to buy him stoges yet. but if it'd happen i'd say no. no one ever got me stoges when i asked them in my neighborhood. no one would even let me bumb a stoge. plus, i've seen older people busted hella times for buying kids stoges.
  7. it depends wat they want, i wont buy any minor alcohol, to me its a big deal since i used to be a stupid drinker. but cigs, yea i will cuz i used to be that kid...
  8. I do it for people I know....not random people.
  9. Fuck that. Ask people on the streets for a frajo. Do it the bum way.

    But if some kid asked me I would do it. I agree you have to be really careful about it.
  10. I say no

    I'm just lazy like that
  11. shit I lost my id a couple weeks ago and I can still buy cigs without getting carded some places but most do so yeah if they look 18+ help them out if they dont dont buy them for them
  12. i would use my id if they where older than 16
  13. I've done it for friends before, but I won't do it for just any random person.

    That's a fine I really don't feel like having to pay.
  14. Yeah, I do it for kids sometimes. But I wouldnt do it for a kid that looks like really young.
  15. i do it for my little bro, my mom did it for me.....fuck gas stations still card?....then i feel oldddddd
  16. Haha. I wouldn't feel bad, unless they were 16-17, which someone stated above. In NJ, you have to be 19, and I'm 18. So technically, I'm underage too, but I NEVER have problems. I guess I just look older, and I NEVER get carded. I buy cigs all the time for friends who don't feel like driving an extra 15 minutes to the other exxon.
  17. i still get carded and sometimes i leave my wallet at home which is such a pain in the ass, so i help the youngins out
  18. i work at a gas station and i graduated in june but last year i would buy em when i work then sell em to kids in school lol and jack up prices it was not like crazy $ but it was nice and ya as far as selling them to underage kids at the gas station its a 400$ fine and you will most likely loose your job
  19. i got no problem pickin up a pack of smokes and a 12pack for the youngins only thing i wont buy them is liquor
  20. I always tell them they're too young to smoke that shit.

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