Buying the soil tomorrow guys, best route to go?

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  1. So tomorrow is the first day of my journey, grabbing everything I need, planning on going organic, what should I pick up tomorrow?
  2. Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil. Most nurseries will know what your talking about. If you can't get FF try for Happy Frog Organic. If that fails too then just go for whatever organic soil you can get and mix in 25-35% perlite.
  3. cool thanks man, im limited to Home Depot, Wal Mart and Star Nursery Bars are illegal in our state so no question Hydro stores are non existant here without traveling 2 hours to vegas :(
  4. What is a Star Nursery Bar? You could order Fox Farms online. Shipping is kinda pricey though 'cause it's heavy. 1 or 2 bags should last a while if it's a small operation.
  5. I was just thinkin' check craigslist maybe someone is selling compost dirt. then just mix it with some perlite.
    sorry for the caps, best soil i've found around here unless you make your nutes for the first few weeks though in FFOF.
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    I have an idea where you're located and I looked up your local Home Depot to try to help you out.

    Kellogg N'Rich 3 cu. ft. Organic Compost - 8710 at The Home Depot

    HyperGrow Compressed Brick Coco Peat Growing Medium for Hydroponic and Soil Planters - 93210 at The Home Depot

    THERMOROCK 2.0 cu. ft. Perlite - 489701 at The Home Depot

    If you can source these three products at your local Home Depot (I've worked in St. George and Cedar City) you'll have the core products to make a good organic soil for way cheaper than FFOF.

    You want to mix these 3 items at this ratio: 1 part compost/1 part perlite/2 parts coco-peat. You can end up with 5plus cu/ft of soil for about 33 bucks.

    With these 2 products which should also be available, you'll have the basics to grow a water only organic crop.

    Miracle-Gro Organic Choice 3 lb. Fertilizer - 100941 at The Home Depot

    Miracle-Gro Organic Choice 15 lb. Dry All-Purpose Plant Food - 400959 at The Home Depot

    While I would opt for getting a Dr. Earth product from Amazon, the 2 MG products are 100% organic and should do the trick.



    EDIT: You might want to add some garden lime and/or gypsum also.
  8. i found some Fox Farms Ocean!!!! im so happy lol now just got to set up the grow box, doing a micro grow of some sort. Star Nursery is just a plant store, but they had 1 bag of fox farms left and I grabbed it immediatly lol
  9. Hell ya. My plants love that stuff.
  10. Chunkdaddyo lol thats awesome bro, I lived in Cedar City last year and got most my stuff from that Home Depot, my ex g/f worked at wal mart and brough home discounted wal mart lights alot, that was last year though :( im doing it all alone this year. Im making a stealth grow box out of a tupperware container wondering if I should go CFL or LED, I know all about the color spectrums and what I need, but this space is so small im going to learn how to LST and stake down this year ive always just let them grow free, but it is a weed. I got a PH meter and alot of good shit, so it should be pretty hard to kill lol
  11. Personally I would steer away from FFOF. It is not a very good soil. I would reccomend either Ready Gro, Monrovia or Roots Organics. You can order any of them online and they all work pretty well. My Opinion, do what you gotta do.
  12. I have Roots Organics. good stuff FFoF seemed pretty hot for the first 10 days. I mixed in 15% perllite
  13. very nice, I picked up batt guano while I got the soil I was going to mix it in after a few weeks, the plants are 2 nights old as of right now and have not left the Jiffy pot, I have not yet used fox farms yet, but last year I grew with Miracle grow and I got a pretty decent harvest, so im sure this will be nothing but improvement, ill make a list of those soils, what exactly makes them better?
  14. I think FFoF may just be a little hot for young plants. Some folks mix light warrior in with it to make it seedling safer. I have germed seeds in straight FFoF with no problems. I guess what I am saying is its your preference
  15. Ever think about coco?
  16. Ocean and Forest.

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