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buying stems for cooking/green dragon

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by abrb18, May 11, 2010.

  1. Hey, so i was talking to my friend about making kratom green dragon, he has an oz of stems he will sell to me but neither of us had any clue how much to pay, i said 15, he thought that was low, but i shouldnt pay more than that right? i heard you need 3x as much stems than nugs for edibles, but i was thinkin more like 5 times as much, is that about right?
  2. maybe 20-25. Depending on the herb. Was it dankity dank or just mids?
  3. Personally I wouldn't pay any money at all for stems.

    Might as well just buy bud and use that. :confused_2:
  4. dankity dank, and ill give him 20, thanks for all your help fumar, very fast responses on both of my threads. think an oz of stems will make a solid contribution to my green dragon?
  5. yes, an oz of dank stems will definitely be a good contribution. I suggest MAYBE adding an additional eighth of fresh mids/schwag just to be sure, but oz of dank stems should be really good.
  6. Ya if i was smoking definitely, but im just using it to make green dragon and ive heard stems help out alot, im making a full bottle of everclear over the next few months and adding as i go, so i need all i can get to make each shot worthwhile and i think an oz of stems would make a better contribution to that then the half 8th id get for 20 dollars. maybe im wrong, either way, if i bought that dub right now instead of the stems i know id just smoke it up before it ever got near being turned into GD
  7. yeah i feel your pain man.

    Thats why what I did was, with every 8th or over that I bought in the past 2 months, I would add like .3, .4 to my green dragon. Usually I get mids cuz I don't have a lot of cash most times, so when I get quarters/halfs of mids, I would add like a gram or so. It builds up over time, and only gets stronger. Ontop of all this, I try to vape as much as possible to recycle herb. All my vaped stuff I have dumped into the bottle as well.
  8. ya thats my plan too, unfortunately i have no vape, i smoke alot of j's , i never thought about adding j roaches, might taste like ass but it would help. but if i do your plan of adding as i go, i think i might just make it to around a half zip of bud and a shit ton of stems and shake and roaches, hopefully make for a good harvest time celebration.
  9. I think im gona try this and just use vapings and maybe a little bit of dank. And because im really really impatient ill try and cook it so this might be the last time you see me lol.:D
  10. haha good luck bro, let me know how it turns out

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